The Best Essie Nail Polish for Your Skin Tone This Winter

January 31, 2017
By: Jessica Khorsandi | by L'Oréal
The Best Essie Nail Polish for Your Skin Tone This Winter


If your complexion is on the lighter side, you’ll want to reach for polishes that complement—rather than compete—with your fair-toned skin. Polishes with cool, silver hues in them would look superb on fair skin, as would bright pinks, dark blues and purples, and reds with blue undertones. Steer clear of shades in the yellow family and/or with heavy white pigment as these colors can wash out your fair skin.

Try: Essie’s Party on a Platform. The eye-catching red hue is like a party on your nails!


On medium and olive skin tones, light beige works nicely for a subtle look. For a bolder, va-va-voom look, reach for burgundy or deep purple to pop against your golden skin. Steer clear of pastel shades.

Try: Essie’s Ready to Boa. It’s a dark mahogany shade with heavy red shimmer. Why play it safe?


To complement your deep skin tone, look for lacquers that offer high-impact color. Dark berry tints, bright cobalt shades, and deep reds are all A+ choices. We also love metallic gold and gemstone shades for deeper skin. If you’re a fan of nude, reach for one that’s sheer with a creamy beige undertone. Whatever you do, avoid light, baby pinks and pastels.

Try: For a metallic gold, reach for Essie’s Getting Groovy. The brand’s Satin Sister, a sleek ebony peacock blue, is also a good choice.