This Beauty Blogger Follows 4 Different Skin Care Routines Per Day

June 14, 2017
Jessica Khorsandi
By: Jessica Khorsandi | by L'Oréal
This Beauty Blogger Follows 4 Different Skin Care Routines Per Day

“I’m definitely a high maintenance kind of girl with my skin care routine,” Bychkova says. “Serums, masks, peels, creams…you name it! I’m in a committed relationship with skin care.”

So commited, in fact, Bychkova sticks to a strict product testing calendar where she switches products in her routine every three weeks. And while she admits that there’s no such thing as a “typical” skin care routine for her due to the frequent product swaps, she does partake in four routines at various points in the day—morning, mid-day, evening, and nighttime. Intrigued, we asked Bychkova to share the routine she’s currently following. If you thought the Korean 10-step regimen was lengthy, wait till you hear how Bychkova cares for her skin!


Bychkova’s morning routine begins with cleansing. Since her T-Zone often gets oily overnight, this is a step that she not only refuses to skip, but takes very seriously. “While some people use the same cleanser twice a day, for me cleansing is a very special procedure that I truly enjoy so I invest in products that help me to achieve the best results.” Up next? Toning. “I use a gentle toner and then apply my eye cream,” Bychkova says. “I follow with serum and moisturizer and finish my morning skin care regimen with an application of Broad Spectrum SPF.”


Bychkova typically hits the gym during the afternoon, so her mid-day skin care routine is often completed post workout. “One of the most important rules that I recently learned is that it’s crucial to wash your face immediately after a workout,” she says. “Especially for those with acne-prone skin like mine.” After showering at the gym, Bychkova cleanses her skin with a foaming gel to help remove impurities, followed by eye cream and serum. “Then I’ll put on a moisturizer formulated with SPF,” she says. “I also apply a nourishing lip balm after a workout as my lips usually feel dry after a shower.”

Serums, masks, peels, creams…you name it! I’m in a committed relationship with skin care. 


If Bychkova is attending an event in the evening, she’ll prep her skin before applying makeup with toner and a face mask of choice. “I love multi-masking,” she says. “I prefer to pick a few different masks that help address different issues my skin is dealing with on that particular day.”


As a gal who wears a full face of makeup almost every single day, Bychkova starts her nighttime routine by cleansing her skin and taking off her makeup before bed with a sonic cleansing brush. “If I’m not wearing makeup that day, I will simply wash my face with a foaming cleanser followed by a micro-exfoliator,” she says. After cleansing, Bychkova tones her skin. Next step is an eye cream, followed by serum and moisturizer. “If I have a special event early in the morning, I’ll apply a moisturizing oil combined with a sleeping mask as well.”

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