Razor Bumps Be Gone: 6 Tricks to Avoid Razor Burn

April 12, 2016
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Razor Bumps Be Gone: 6 Tricks to Avoid Razor Burn

Shave Using Warmer Water

Turning up the heat can help soften the hair and skin, reducing the tension between the razor and the area being shaved.

Lather Up

Using shaving cream is essential if you want soft, smooth, and razor bump-free skin. Shaving creams and oils can help the razor to easily glide over the skin and prevent scrapes.

Exfoliate First

Slough off dead skin on sensitive areas before shaving to combat ingrown hairs. You may achieve this with a loofah, washcloth, or a pre-shave cream that contains glycolic acid.

Toss Your Old Razor Away

A sharp, new blade is vital to preventing razor bumps and burn. Dull blades require you to put more pressure on the skin to get a close shave, which can lead to irritation.

Keep the Skin Hydrated

Daily moisturizing may help keep the skin smooth and reduce the likelihood of getting ingrown hairs and razor burn after shaving. To avoid dryness, try not to use products that contain alcohol on the skin being shaved.

Update your Technique

Move your razor in short, light strokes in the direction that your hair grows. This gentle approach can help to diminish the probability of irritation and cuts.

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