A Helping Hand: A Hydrating Hemp Hand Cream That Gives Back

April 20, 2016
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | skincare.com by L'Oréal
A Helping Hand: A Hydrating Hemp Hand Cream That Gives Back

Known for its commitment to enriching the planet not exploiting it, The Body Shop’s latest philanthropic venture is truly one to lend a hand to.

Using super-hydrating Community Trade hemp seed oil from England, The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector has been a fan favorite since launching in 1998. Recently The Body Shop partnered with world renowned street artist EINE—recognized for his colorful and positive messaging and gorgeous typography work— to give the packaging of this beloved hand cream a little makeover, complete with a big message: CHANGE. This powerful message is indicative of exactly what the limited-edition design aims to achieve, a pledge to inspire a global positive change by enriching the planet—and every living creature on it.

When you purchase the oh-so-soothing, earthy-scented Hemp Hand Protector in its limited-edition EINE designed packaging, you’ll not only be hydrating your hands but, you’ll be helping to protect our planet, too. Proceeds from each purchase —$2.20 to be exact—will be donated to The Body Shop Foundation and how these funds are split up is up to you. Upon purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for one of three important global causes you’d like your donation to go to:

Our Planet: Proceeds will help to defend plant life and the environment

Our Oceans: Proceeds will protect the seas and marine life.

Our People and Animals: Proceeds will help protect human rights and endangered species.

The goal is to raise over $400,000 globally in order to truly affect the change the packaging evokes. Soft, supple hands plus the ability to give back? I think we can all agree, that’s a cause worthy of lending a—very well-hydrated—hand to.

The Body Shop Limited-Edition Hemp Hand Protector, $20

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