Tips From Backstage: How to Care For Your Hands Like A Model

October 05, 2016
Jessie Quinn
By: Jessie Quinn | by L'Oréal
Tips From Backstage: How to Care For Your Hands Like A Model

Often when we think of the biggest skin concern fashion models have we think of the rotating schedule of constant and often heavy makeup applications—breakouts, anyone? But, what many of us forget is that along with that fresh (coat) of makeup is a fresh manicure to go along with it. Now, when you or I go for a manicure we try to keep that puppy in place for as long as possible reaching for the nail polish remover during its last legs. Models on the other hand—no pun intended—will often have multiple manicures in one day. Yet, look at any models hand and chances are you won’t see the visible evidence of these frequent polish changes. This is because most models have the best in the biz in their corner giving them tips on how to keep their nails and hands as gorgeous as ever despite the beauty hazards of the job. Case in point? Celebrity Manicurist and essie Ambassador, Michelle Saunders. Want to care for your hands and nails like a model? You’re in luck, we chatted with Saunders and shared her tips for how models keep their mitts in tip-top condition!

Post-Fashion Month Hand & Nail Care Tips

For models, walking the catwalk for some of the world’s most famous fashion designers during fashion weeks across the globe is basically the holy grail of gigs. But, between the stress of back-to-back shows coupled with back-to-back manicures, fashion month can take a serious toll on models’ hands and nails. To care for their nails after the final catwalk Saunders recommends reaching for the nail trimmer. If nails are breaking or brittle, it’s best to trim the nails short and file the corners to a soft oval,” she recommends. “It’s kind of like ‘starting over’ with your nails by trimming off the damage so that new, stronger nail growth can come in.” If you need a refresh, definitely try this tip and pair it with a hydrating treat for your hands using essie’s Many Many Mani Intensive Hand Lotion. Formulated with coriander oil and glycerin the light, silky lotion helps to replenish skin’s moisture and protect your hands from dryness. Bonus? It smells amazing!

After you’ve trimmed and filed your nails Saunders recommends reaching for a coat of armor…in a sense. “I really like using millionails by essie— especially on a newly trimmed manicure,” she says. This nail polish primer is formulated to help protect nails from breakage and peeling—two top nail concerns for models after the many manicures of fashion month. Additionally, Saunders recommends keeping a cuticle oil on hand to give dry, brittle nails some much-needed hydration. “Adding a daily surge of moisture to hands and nails is paramount in keeping nails healthy,” she says, calling essie’s apricot cuticle oil a must!

DIY Hydrating Treatment For Hands

Like all experts, Saunders has developed a few tricks over the years including this one: “When I started manicuring—back in the day of acrylic nails—we would soak the hands in warm water and hand cream for a deep hydrating treatment,” she shares. “It’s easy to do at home: Warm up your favorite hand cream and slather it on or soak your fingertips in it.”

Once your hands and nails are in tip-top shape its definitely time to give them a little color. Need some inspiration? Try Saunder’s favorite essie shade: “If I could choose one essie color to wear for the rest of my life, it would be mademoiselle…hands down! 

Want more great nail and hand care tips from essie’s resident Celebrity Manicurist? She shares even more advice with us here!

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