Manicure Plus Skin Care: Essie's New Mani-Care System Is What Nails Need

July 28, 2016
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
Manicure Plus Skin Care: Essie's New Mani-Care System Is What Nails Need

Manicures are one of our favorite ways to express ourselves. From bright and bold to deep and dramatic, your options are endless when it comes to nail polish. But, one of the main reasons we love treating ourselves to a spa, salon, or even an at-home mani, is because of the TLC they give to our often-neglected nails. Thankfully, starting later this year, we won’t have to book an appointment to give our nails a little extra love. Essie’s new mani-care system takes nail care to a new level, complete with a wide range of new products that aim to prime, protect, and prolong the wear of your manicures and all personalized to your unique nail needs. Learn more about the soon-to-launch collection, below!


The first step in Essie’s mani-care system is the primer process. Just like you’d use primer before your makeup application, to get a smooth canvas and a prolonged wear, you’ll want to reach for one before your manicure. Choose from three primers: a ridge-filler that leaves nails smooth, millionails which helps protect against breakage and peeling, or a color corrector that helps to neutralize yellowness. The primers can be used under a base coat or as a stand alone treatment for your nails to help you conceal any imperfections.

Base Coat

Foundations must be set if you want polish to last. Base coats help to extend the life of your manicure, leaving it less prone to chips, and they help to provide a smoother surface for your lacquer. Again, pick from three options: First Base works to smooth and protect nails and offers chip resistant adhesion-promoting properties. Grow Stronger is formulated with ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, and minerals. All-in-One is a base coat plus top coat that strengthens nails and leaves them with a high-watt glossy finish.

Top Coat

After your primer, base coat, and two coats of your favorite color, reach for a top coat to seal in your manicure, add shine, and protect against chipping. In addition to the All-in-One top coat you can reach for Good to Go which offers a glossy, professional-looking finish, No Chips Ahead which has a UV color shield and wear extender, or Matte About You that transforms any polish into a matte finish.

Finishing Touches

Who has time to watch nail polish dry? Speed things up with Quick-E which helps to protect the nail from the dents and smudges that can occur during the drying process. Care for your cuticles by keeping a cuticle oil at your desk or in your purse for hydration on the go. Essie’s perennial favorite Apricot Cuticle Oil just got a makeover in the form of a brand new formula with apricot kernel oil to help condition nails without a greasy residue.

The entire collection will be available this December—hello, holiday wish list!—at and beauty destinations nationwide.

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