5 Tips for a Younger-Looking Neck

February 20, 2017
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5 Tips for a Younger-Looking Neck

As we get older, our skin gradually loses moisture and elasticity, leading to more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles. This, coupled with the affects of UV rays and other environmental aggressors, means those wrinkles and fine lines may be paired with dark spots over time. Did you know one of the first areas of skin to show these signs of skin aging is your neck? While this fact remains true, you don't have to settle for those fine lines and dark spots! While we can’t stop ourselves from getting older, there’s some steps we can take to slow down the visible signs of aging. Below, we’re sharing a few simple tips to help you achieve a younger-looking neck.

Wear Sunscreen—All Year Long

One of the top causes of premature signs of skin aging—everything from wrinkles to dark spots—is the sun. Those harsh UVA and UVB rays can affect our skin from head to toe, especially on our necks. Whether you’re laying out on the beach or trekking through the snow, it’s important to apply broad-spectrum SPF all over the face and neck each and every day to thwart the sun’s aging effects. Also, remember to reapply that sunscreen throughout the day to ensure you're always protected. 

Layer on the Antioxidants

Sure, it’s important to consume vitamin C—but why not wear it, too? Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant—also known as l-ascorbic acid—found in many anti-aging skin care products from serums to creams to cleansers. In fact, it's often considered the gold standard in anti-aging! Products formulated with vitamin C are known to help to fight the signs of free radical damage and those premature signs of skin aging—fine lines, wrinkles, dull tone, and uneven texture. 

Step Away from the Smartphone

Smartphones are great for keeping us constantly connected but they can also be responsible for “tech neck." Tech neck is caused by the repetitive folding of the skin as you look down to check your notifications. To keep these wrinkles at bay, try keeping your neck in a neutral position when scrolling through your smartphone.

Incorporate Retinol Into Your Skin Care Routine

In additional to vitamin C, retinol is one of the ultimate anti-aging ingredients you can incorporate into your skin care routine. The compound has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Trying using retinol-enhanced creams and lotions at night, when the sun-sensitive ingredient won’t be altered by UV rays—and be sure to lather on your broad-spectrum SPF in the morning! Feel intimidated by retinol? Don't be! We share a step-by-step beginner's guide to help you use retinol in your skin care routine here

Don’t Neglect Your Neck

Does your skin care routine stop at your chin? It's time to extend that TLC down your neck as well! Those same great anti-aging skin care products you love using on your face can also benefit the skin on your neck—and chest, too! If you want to get specific with your skin care, try reaching for products that have been formulated specifically for the skin on your neck

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