New Skincare Brand Care.ē.on Will Completely Change How You Travel

June 27, 2023
Dawn Davis
By: Dawn Davis | by L'Oréal
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There’s a reason so many people follow models on social media: It’s for the travel tips. (Fine, there are other reasons, but this is a big one.) Stereotypically, models fly around the world looking glamorous, making it appear effortless with a small roller bag and a designer tote. But it leaves us skincare and makeup enthusiasts wondering: How do they pack their beauty products? Do they spend half a day decanting serums into mini plastic bottles? Doubt it. 

Model Madison Headrick definitely didn’t want to decant. Instead, she developed care.ē.on — a curated collection of travel essentials in a TSA-friendly kit. There’s a hand sanitizer, a facial mist, hydration-boosting pads and a hydrating mask, all in the most beautiful, neutral matte packaging that will instantly make any tray table feel like first class. 

The best part: The products are wildly hydrating so you can arrive at your destination as glowy as your favorite travel influencer. Here’s the story behind the brand.

What inspired you to create the line?

I have been modeling and traveling the world for over 11 years now and basically live on an airplane and out of a suitcase. I average about 2.5 months out of the year where I’m sleeping in my apartment. Being able to travel is a blessing, but doing it so often takes a toll on me physically and mentally. The different time zones throw my internal body clock off, sleep is scarce and the dryness of the airplane cabins dehydrates my skin. Not to mention, the stress and anxiety that comes along with packing and navigating airports, traffic, new cities and hotels. I wanted to create a moment of self-care that was easily accessible and didn’t require extra prep work (packing, organizing, etc.), which is how care.ē.on was born!
care e on skincare products photographed on a terracotta background

What's the one product you can't live without when traveling?

The Flying Highdration Mask by care.ē.on.

From pricing to packaging, you have so much great information on your website. Why is transparency so important to you?

Authenticity and honesty are what sets care.ē.on apart from other brands. We are an open book and will never hide information from our customers. No greenwashing, no inflated prices, no secrets. If our customers are going to be using our products on their skin, they need to be able to trust the new brand they are trying out — which is why care.ē.on goes to great lengths to be fully transparent and to make sure our audience feels comfortable and aware of what they are feeding their skin with.

What's your favorite travel destination and why?

Japan is most definitely at the top of my favorite list! Tokyo is my favorite city I’ve ever traveled to... from the food to the culture, to the energy and innovations; it is a long flight worth taking. 

What's next for the brand?

We are working on some exciting collaborations... stay tuned!

The Flying Highdration Mask by care.ē.on.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of care.ē.on

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