7 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

January 30, 2017
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | skincare.com by L'Oréal
7 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

At Skincare.com we believe there is no substitute for a stellar skin care routine. But, we recognize that sometimes you’re in a pinch. Whether you’re traveling, ran out of your go-to product, or just like to try out new DIY recipes now and again, sometimes beauty hacks can come in handy. We reached out to a top board-certified dermatologist, Skincare.com consultant, and self-proclaimed lover of “derm-hacks,” Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, to learn more about seven beauty hacks that can actually work!

Razor Burn: Put it On Ice

We’ve all been there ladies. We’re in a rush in the morning, want to wear our new dress to work, but our legs are sporting some not-so-cute stubble. Reaching for the razor and quickly dry shaving seems to work temporarily, but by lunchtime the razor burn and bumps have made their grand entrance. Dr. Bhanusali says to head to the freezer for a few ice cubes and ice the area on and off for a few minutes. This can help minimize the appearance of the razor burn until you can get a soothing product to help!

Mole Patrol: Play Paparazzi

While we are firm believers in scheduling yearly full-body skin checks at the dermatologist’s office—more on what to expect, here—we know that moles can alter their appearance throughout the year and the earlier you spot a change, the better. Dr. Bhanusali says that if you’re worried about a mole snap a picture and then in 30 days snap another and compare the two, if you see even the slightest change, it’s time to make an appointment with a professional.

New Pimples: Cover It Up

If you notice an angry new pimple staring at you before bedtime and you have a big meeting the next day, Dr. Bhanusali recommends this hack: “Put a little benzoyl peroxide-formulated product under a band-aid and apply to pimple overnight,” he says. “The benzoyl peroxide dries it out and the band-aid helps the product stay put on skin.” 

Puffy Eyes Part One: Pillow Talk

If you have an important event and tend to get puffy eyes, Dr. Bhanusali recommends sleeping with a few extra pillows the night before. “[This] keeps fluid from pooling under eyes,” he says. Plus, that night, brew a cup of green tea and place the cup—with the tea bags inside—inside the refrigerator. The next day, place the cooled green tea bags over your eyes. The chilled effect helps to temporarily decrease the look of any puffiness.

Puffy Eyes Part Two: Serve Chilled

Store your eye creams in the fridge,” Bhanusali says. “Coolness constricts the area, making the bags less visible.”

Mani-Care: Say No To Scissors

Want healthy-looking nails? Say no to snipping…your cuticles that is. “Don’t let your manicurist touch your cuticles,” he urges. “You need them intact to maintain and preserve nail health.”

Feeling Dry: Embrace Argan

Dr. Bhanusali says that if you’re experiencing super dry skin from using retinol in your skin care routine—or if your skin is just feeling a little less hydrated than usual—use argan oil. “Use argan oil as a mask one to two times per week at night and go to sleep,” he recommends. “It helps hydrate, leaving skin feeling soft and supple.”

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