How to Combat Dry Winter Skin

February 25, 2021
Jessica Khorsandi
By: Jessica Khorsandi | by L'Oréal
How to Combat Dry Winter Skin

One of the most common skin concerns during the winter is dryness. Between the brutally cold temperatures, lack of humidity and artificial indoor heating, dryness, flakiness and dullness seems inevitable no matter what your skin type. It’s not all in your head, either. “Forced hot air heating will often dry out the skin very quickly,” says board-certified dermatologist and consultant Dr. Michael Kaminer. “Especially in colder climates, we see this as soon as the temperature drops.” 

Dry skin can happen all over your body, too. Cracked hands, feet and elbows, and chapped lips are all common areas to experience rough, dry texture, especially during the winter. “Other problems can include itchy skin, rashes and simply older-looking skin,” adds Kaminer. So, if you’re wondering what you can do to help get your skin back to its smooth, moisturized and happy state, keep reading because we’re sharing tips on how to remedy all of your dry winter skin woes. 

TIP 1: Moisturize

According to Dr. Kaminer, moisturizer is one of the most important products you can have in your skin-care arsenal during winter. “The key is to moisturize more than you might in warmer climates,” he says. In addition to moisturizing more frequently, you may also want to swap your current formula for one that’s rich and formulated with moisturizing ingredients. We like the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream because it’s rich but not greasy and formulated with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to provide long-lasting hydration and protection for the skin barrier. 


A pro tip to getting the most out of your moisturizer is to apply it on damp skin. “Apply moisturizer immediately after getting out of the shower or bath,” Kaminer recommends. “This is when your skin is most hydrated and the moisturizers can help seal it in.”


TIP 2: Skip the Hot Showers

It’s important to be mindful of the water temperature when taking your showers. While hot water can feel relaxing on a cold day, it comes with its own set of consequences, including very dry skin. Instead, opt for a shorter, lukewarm shower. This can help ensure that your skin’s outer moisture barrier is not stripped and irritated by hot water. 


TIP 3: Protect Your Lips

The delicate skin on the lips is more susceptible to drying out compared to the rest of the skin on our bodies. That’s why it’s important to always keep a moisturizing lip balm on hand to prevent chapped lips. Try the Everyday Humans Bomb Diggity Wonder Salve for this. 


TIP 4: Invest in a Humidifier

Artificial heat can suck the moisture out of your skin. If you’re at home, turn on a humidifier while you have the heat running to help replace some of that moisture in the air. We recommend the Canopy Humidifier, which features an innovative no-mist technology and is recommended to help combat dry skin. You can also keep a facial mist like the Lancôme Rose Milk Face Mist on hand to give yourself a boost of hydration throughout the day. The formula, made with hyaluronic acid and rose water, instantly hydrates, soothes and nourishes skin. 

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