Skin Care Products That Are Best Served Chilled

January 25, 2017
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
Skin Care Products That Are Best Served Chilled

Chillier temps may wreak havoc on our complexions, but they can also amp up the power of some of our favorite skin care products. When it comes to de-puffing, calming, and hydrating the appearance of our skin, some products just work better when used cold. From refreshing face mists to soothing gels, make some room in the fridge for these skin care products are best served chilled.

Toners and Face Mists

Dr. Rebecca Kazin, a board certified dermatologist at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, says that when used chilled, toners and face mists can temporarily tighten the appearance of skin and help pores look smaller. As if that wasn’t reason enough to store these types of products in the fridge, think about how refreshing a chilled hydrating mist feels on a hot day or after spending too much time in an artificially-heated room.

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Eye Creams

“[When cold], eye creams cause short-term vasoconstriction,” Kazin says. This tightening of the blood vessels makes using chilled eye creams, gels, and serums more beneficial for those with dark circles or puffy eyes. Refrigeration further adds to the cooling and temporary de-puffing ability of eye creams with metal roller-ball applicators. Want even more de-puffing action? Try these dermatologist hacks for puffy eyes

Aloe-Based Gels

While it’s not necessary to store your skin-soothing products in the fridge, it also can’t hurt. “The initial sensation will feel better when the product is cold,” she says. Post-shave and post-sun gels formulated with aloe vera will feel that much more soothing when they are kept in the fridge between use.

The Cold Hard Truth

There are some myths out there that say storing natural skin care products in the refrigerator can help give them a longer shelf life, but Kazin disagrees. “Everything has an expiration date,” she explains, adding that storing your stash in the fridge isn’t going to let you keep it around longer. However, she does note that certain compounds will require refrigeration. Remember to always check the label to ensure you’re storing your products in the proper environment.

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