5 Reasons Why Cleaning Makeup Brushes and Blenders is Necessary

April 07, 2016
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5 Reasons Why Cleaning Makeup Brushes and Blenders is Necessary

It makes sense that we should clean our makeup brushes: less dirt on the brush means fewer impurities transferred onto our faces. But adding this step to our already jam-packed beauty routines can be a hassle. Push yourself to go the extra mile clean your makeup brushes and blenders. Here are five important reasons why:

A clearer complexion

Skin doesn’t stand a chance if dirt and oil are continuously being spread back onto the face. Dirty makeup brushes and blenders are breeding grounds for blemish-causing bacteria. Keeping them clean can help you maintain a clearer complexion. 

Evenly distributed product

Dirty brushes tend to clump product, preventing powders and creams from reaching their full, evenly-distributed potential due to unnecessary blockage (i.e. leftover gunk). Try a cleaner that contains alcohol, which can act as a disinfectant to clear away excess dirt. Hint: this is especially important for sponges and blenders, which tend to absorb the product and compromise application the next day.

Softer brushes

Clean makeup brushes are like freshly shampooed hair: soft, smooth, and residue-free. Clean your brushes at the very least every other week, which is about as long as it typically takes for bristles to lose their softness and take on a cake-y appearance.

Longer-lasting makeup

Unclean brushes not only breed germs and bacteria, but they require the use of even more product to get the same effect. That’s because a wet brush (anything used to apply creams, concealers, and foundations) can pick up extra makeup and lead to a sloppy, less-precise look. Cleaning these brushes after each use may help you preserve your go-to products before having to restock.

Preserved bristles

Brushes tend to lose their bristles when they’re only cleaned with water. When cleaning, it’s important to reach for a gentle cleanser, then completely rinse the water out afterwards.

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