5 Areas of Skin You're Probably Forgetting to Take Care Of

December 26, 2018
Claudia Dimuro
By: Claudia Dimuro | skincare.com by L'Oréal
5 Areas of Skin You're Probably Forgetting to Take Care Of

The face gets all the attention when it comes to skin care. How could it not? It sits prominently on the top of your entire body, eyes and mouth and all. But remember, the rest of your skin needs tender love and care as well. If you find yourself favoring facial skin care, we’re here to remind you of less-thought-about areas of skin that you should pay more mind to.


areas of skin youre forgetting to take care of neck

In the age of “tech neck,” neck skin care is as important as ever. Along with your face, your neck is where signs of aging tend to be the most visible. As time goes on, the skin on your neck can lose water as well as its elasticity, causing it to sag and form into crepey neck. Pay mind to your neck by washing it just as thoroughly as you would your face. Also make sure you moisturize and form an anti-aging neck routine that incorporates broad-spectrum sunscreen. 


areas of skin youre forgetting to take care of chest

Chest acne can be a frequent and unappealing situation. Since your chest is susceptible to pores clogged by sweat and other impurities, it’s important that you take the proper means of chest skin care. This means cleansing your chest to keep impurities and dirt at bay that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Whatever you do, do not fall to the temptation of popping those pimples. 


areas of skin youre forgetting to take care of elbow

Due to inadequate hydration, elbows can become extremely dry, rough, or even cracked. Compared to the other areas of your body, your elbows are arguably the most neglected when it comes to your skin care routine. It may be their positioning or just that they’re one of the smaller areas of skin as a whole, but nevertheless the skin on your elbows should not go uncared for. Take care to moisturize them often.


areas of skin youre forgetting to care for legs

Dry legs can present more than one problem. Aside from the fact they can be incredibly itchy at times, areas of skin that lack moisture or proper exfoliation become more of a challenge to shave. In order to ensure the skin on your legs remains soft and smooth, try investing in a shaving cream that can help skin maintain hydration as you shave. Make sure you’re also giving your legs a thorough scrubbing for exfoliation purposes, and follow-up with a moisturizer to help prevent that leg skin from looking dry.    


areas of skin youre forgetting to take care of butt 

Your derrière care probably revolves around getting in some squats at the gym or finding the perfect jean fit. But sweat mixed with tight-fitting pants can cause the skin on your bottom to break out in blemishes. In order to prevent butt acne, take into account the fit of your clothes and your hygiene. If you find clothes to be too tight, invest in the proper fit or looser clothes altogether. Likewise, if you’ve neglected a thorough washing of that area, take a little more time to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and repeat. You’ll thank us when bikini season comes around.

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