Editors Share 7 Self-Care Tips That Help Them Stay Zen

April 01, 2020
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | by L'Oréal Editors Share 7 Self-Care Tips That Help Them Stay Zen

If being in quarantine and reading about the endless news surrounding COVID-19 has left you stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, rest assured that you’re not the only one. It’s important now more than ever to incorporate moments of self care into your daily routine to help promote a more positive mental state. And what better way to do that than through skin care? While adjusting to our new social-distancing norms, many of us at have discovered specific self-care tips that are helping us stay zen during these uncertain times. Check out what they are, ahead. 

Upgrade Your Skin-Care Routine

“After social distancing for two weeks and completely abandoning my skin-care routine due to anxiety and low energy levels, I recently decided to reclaim my skin-care regimen by giving it a complete upgrade. While I usually like to keep things simple in the morning, I realized it’s the best time to test out and add new products to my lineup because, well, I actually have the time to pamper myself. So every day when I wake up, I immediately take a shower and indulge in a pretty extensive routine filled with new serums, rich moisturizers and even some masking. I’ve noticed it’s helped to change my attitude by giving me a surge of energy and confidence for the day. It also gives me a moment where I can completely shut off my mind from all things COVID-19 and be present while doing good things for my skin.” — Genesis, Assistant Editor

Using Face Creams as Body Lotions

A few weeks ago I ran out of my regular body lotion. Because I’ve been staying home and trying not to go to the store, I had to get creative. As a beauty editor, one of the giant perks of the job is getting to test roughly a zillion face moisturizers, so I have more than a couple lining my shelves. I spotted a particularly large tub of a cream that didn’t work for my skin type and applied it to my body on a whim. It was an absolutely heavenly experience. The rich texture was a delicious treat and it required a bit more rubbing in than usual, which gave me a few extra minutes to chill. It’s become my new post-shower ritual and a great way to avoid waste! — Lindsey, Content Director

Applying Cooling Eye Gels on the Regular

“This is obviously a very anxiety-inducing time, and unfortunately, waiting it out is the only option we have. To calm myself down and to give my skin a little TLC, I’ve been reaching for cooling eye gels almost every day to depuff and soothe my face. I like to wear them in the mid-morning when I’m fully in the zone of working from home. I find that they give me a sensation to focus on as opposed to having my mind wander and reel. The Milk Makeup Cooling Water Eye Patches are my favorite to apply during this time because they give a lasting ice-cold effect, all while helping to keep my mind and body at ease.”  — Alanna, Associate Editor 

Give Self Tanning a Go 

“Self tanning terrifies me. The fear of someone spotting splotches on my ankle, a stark line where my wrist meets my hand or looking way too orange has kept self tanners off my skin-care shelf for years. But given that I’ve been quarantining myself in my home for the past two weeks, I knew there was no better time to experiment. What’s more, looking tan would make me feel good and give me an activity — a win-win. I’ve been using the Miami Gorgeous La Playa Glow Self Tanning Mousse. It applies streak-free, completely even and never looks orange. I haven’t had any problems with transfer, and the best part is that there’s no odor. It’s formulated with argan oil, vitamins A, C and D, coconut oil and jojoba oil, so it’s nourishing and leaves my skin feeling and looking soft. Take it from me, a little self tanner can really amp up your self-care game.” — Samantha, Assistant Editor 

Apply Wash-Off Masks 

“Before social distancing, I couldn't be bothered with wash-off masks. I have a whole stack of them at home, but when confronted with the choice between one of them and a sheet mask, I'd choose the latter — a seemingly faster and easier option — every time. But now that I have extra time on my hands, I've been dipping into my purifying and hydrating wash-off masks more frequently. I'm finding the process of applying one evenly over my face, relaxing with it on and then carefully washing every bit of it off more of a pampering, spa-like experience than a tedious one. Now that I've been dealing with some stress acne, one formula I've been loving is the L'Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Face Mask. It helps clear and soothe my skin without drying it out, plus it's a calming shade of blue that's fun to wear on video chats with friends.” — Sarah, Senior Editor 

Try Facial Steaming

“Over the holiday break, I was given a facial steamer from Amazon, and I kept thinking to myself, “if only I had more time to use this.” Insert my current work-from-home situation and now I’m counting down the hours until I can take my 20-minute break to self soothe! The best part about the steamer is that you cannot multitask. It requires 20 uninterrupted minutes of pure bliss, and I find myself using that time to pray, think and meditate — a bonus body-and-mind combination if you ask me.” — Melissa San Vicente, Art Director

Wind Down With Facial Rolling

“I don’t usually incorporate tools in my skin-care routine, but because I’ve been stuck inside all day every day, I’ve been using a facial roller to treat myself at the end of the day. It’s such a small ritual that only adds a couple minutes on to my routine, but it’s been seriously relaxing to take even just a few extra moments for myself. The IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Face & Neck Citrine Roller has been a lifesaver. I pair it with my fave calming face oil from Kiehl’s, and it’s the perfect way to finish my night routine and decompress from my day. Plus, citrine is supposed to help with clarity and focus, so that’s a major plus in my book. I apply a few drops of oil directly on my face and massage it into my skin with the roller, using upward motions. I start with my forehead and work my way down to my decollétage for complete coverage.”  — Jillian Selzer, Senior Social Media Editor


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