How to Get Healthier Skin in 2024

January 04, 2024 by L'Oréal
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How to Get Healthier Skin in 2024

Creating a healthy lifestyle is a common New Year goal, and while you might think of your diet and exercise habits, don't neglect your skin. Establishing a consistent skin-care routine and forming good skin habits (and staying away from these bad habits) is the perfect way to get a fresh, vibrant, hydrated, and glowing complexion. Let's get your skin looking its best as you start the new year in 2024! Here are some tips to get you started - mind, body and skin!

Starting with clearing the mind, taking a deep breath in and out, you get the idea. Next, the body– make sure you're keeping your body well-hydrated! The importance of water is real. Water is essential for life, and without it, we would not be able to function. In fact, more than half of our body is made up of water. So, it is essential that we keep our bodies well-hydrated. And now for what you have all been waiting for - Skin!

Cleanse Twice a Day

By cleansing regularly — i.e. once in the morning and once at night — you are not only removing dirt, excess oil and bacteria that build up on the surface of the skin. You are also helping to keep pores clear and remove pollutants on the skin that can cause premature aging. For those lazy times when you're tempted to skip the step, reach for a micellar water like the Micellar Cleansing Peeling Water with 1% PHA + Glycolic Acid. You don't even need water to use it. 


Moisturize Daily

No matter what skin type you have, even oily, using a moisturizer can be beneficial. When your skin is dry, it can cause it to look flat and make wrinkles and lines more visible. It can also make your skin more fragile and cause it to produce too much oil, which can lead to acne. For those with oily skin, it's important to look for oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizers that won't clog pores. Choose one with light, water-based ingredients that won't leave skin feeling greasy. For dry skin, look for heavier, cream-based moisturizers that will provide a thicker barrier against the elements. If you have combination skin, you may want to consider using two different moisturizers, one for the dry areas and one for the oily areas. Take a look at our guidelines to find the ideal moisturizer for your skin type. We are loving the new IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel Cream Oil-Free Moisturizer

Stop Skipping Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every day, no matter the season, is the best way to prevent premature aging, sunburns, and skin damage. Most importantly, it can help reduce your risk of skin cancer! We recommend a lightweight, moisturizing formula like the CeraVe Hydrating Sheer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for Face & Body. It says sheer for a reason and will provide hydration that lasts all day, so you'll want to put it on!

Use Makeup Products With Skin-Care Benefits

Makeup can really work for you when you pick products with ingredients that help your skin. You've gotta try our must-have, the ANTHELIOS Mineral Tinted sunscreen for face SPF 50 by La Roche Posay. It has a non-greasy, fast-absorbing texture with a matte finish that will hydrate and give you a gorgeous glow. You'll love the way it feels on your skin and the way it makes your skin look and feel.


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