How Your Skin Can Benefit From a Humidifier

April 23, 2020
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | by L'Oréal
How Your Skin Can Benefit From a Humidifier

Drink a lot of water, get eight hours of sleep, eat clean — these are the common skin “secrets” we’ve been told time and time again. But recently, we heard a new one: sleep with a humidifier on. It makes sense; dry air can cause skin dryness and dehydration and may even make some skin conditions worse off . We were curious to get an expert’s perspective on this tip, plus find out how a humidifier might benefit skin, so we consulted with expert, San Francisco-based dermatologist Dr. Caren Campbell

What are ways that using a humidifier benefit your skin?

If dry heat or air conditioning is being pumped through your bedroom while you sleep, it doesn’t matter how many products you slather on, your skin may still experience flakiness, irritation and/or dehydration. That’s why humidifiers can be such a game-changer. “Humidifiers increase the water content in the air helping to make the air more humid,” says Dr. Campbell. “When there’s more moisture in the air, the water from our skin is less likely to evaporate.” 

What skin types could benefit from using a humidifier?

“Dry skin or normal skin in dry environments or places with low humidity can benefit from a humidifier,” advises Dr. Campbell. If you have suspect your skin is dehydrated, you may also benefit from one. 

Do humidifiers have any benefit for skin during the warmer months?

If you spend much of the day in an indoor environment with heating and air conditioning (i.e. all of us due to social distancing right now!) or you live in a desert-like climate with low humidity and are experiencing dry skin, Dr. Campbell says that a humidifier could still be useful. You can even find mini humidifiers that can be placed on your desk, whether that’s at home or in an office, to help keep your skin from dehydrating during the day. If you’re in a humid environment and your skin feels moisturized enough, though, feel free to pack it up for the season.  

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