4 Beauty Products To Use When It’s Past Your Bedtime

September 19, 2017
Margaret Fisher
By: Margaret Fisher | skincare.com by L'Oréal
4 Beauty Products To Use When It’s Past Your Bedtime

Make no mistake, pre-set bed times aren’t just for babies. As an adult, you may have the freedom to stay up through all hours of the night, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Unfortunately, even those who are most committed to sticking to an early bedtime, are likely to slip up on occasion. You’re planning to hit the pillow by 10 PM, and then before you know it you’re six episodes deep into must-see TV and suddenly it’s way past your original bed time. Your inclination after the credits roll may be to immediately slip between your sheets and hit the lights, but a late night is no excuse to put your beauty routine on the backburner.

We understand you may not be feeling up to any lengthy product layering, but taking a bit of time to focus on your skin can be well worth waiting a little longer before heading to bed. Hey, you’ve already made it this far; a few extra minutes won’t hurt, right? Ahead, we’re sharing four beauty products to use before bed when it’s past your bedtime.

1. Micellar Water

There’s nothing that gives you a pass on having to wash your face—and that includes a missed bedtime. You’ve made your bed and now you have to lie in it, but at least you can have a clean complexion while you do so. Don’t worry, we aren’t just sharing harsh truths. We’re cutting you a break by suggesting a seriously quick cleansing option: micellar water.

Micellar waters are much-loved for their ability to sweep away surface impurities for a complete clean, but it doesn’t hurt that they’re also oh-so convenient to use. The liquid cleansers don’t keep you tethered to the sink, as there’s no rinsing required. That means you can keep a micellar water and a few cotton pads on your nightstand for last-minute cleansing when you’re feeling too tired or too lazy to get out of bed. Simply saturate a cotton pad with the liquid, then gently sweep it across your skin.

As for how to narrow down which micellar water to use, we recommend choosing one based on your skin type. The L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Waters come in varieties meant for normal to dry skin, normal to oily skin, and waterproof makeup—aka there’s something for everyone.  Pick yours and offer it a place of prominence on your nightstand, right next to that book you never get around to reading.

2. Night Cream

Everyone’s skin is in need of moisture (yes, even you, oily skin types), especially if you’re hoping to wake up in a few short hours and not have to deal with dry, flaky-looking skin. Rather than slathering your skin with the same old SPF-packed lotion or cream you use in the morning, consider the time of day and reach for a night cream. We’re fans of the Vichy Idéalia Night Cream—with blueberry polyphenols and fermented black tea extract—as it can help deliver a long-lasting glow, a more even-looking complexion, and the appearance of refined pores and smoothed lines. To use, warm a pea-sized amount of the product between your fingers before applying in slow, smoothing motions, giving yourself a bonus massage as you go.

3. Eye Cream

An easy way to tell whether someone has been slacking on their sleep? Have a look at the skin around their eyes. To help fake a full night sleep and reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags, reach for an eye cream before bed, like Garnier SkinActive Miracle Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel-Cream. Dot the formula under your eyes and gently blend in. The gel-cream formula helps to fight the signs of fatigue and reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy under-eye bags, so you can wake up with a well-rested look.

4. Face Mask

We know, we know. You’re dying to crawl into bed and we’re suggesting to give yourself a last-minute spa day. It sounds slightly crazy, that is if you aren’t in-the-know about overnight face masks. No one is telling you to coat your skin in a clay mask and sit around waiting for it to work—we’re proponents of a more sleep-suitable option. Overnight masks like the Lancome Énergie De Ve Night Mask can be left on while you sleep, allowing them to tackle your complexion concerns while you’re catching some Zzz’s. Pampering doesn’t get much better than that!

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