Basic's Not Always Bad: A 3-Step Skin Care Routine That Saves You Time

October 25, 2016
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
Basic's Not Always Bad: A 3-Step Skin Care Routine That Saves You Time

The word basic gets thrown around… a lot. But the truth is being basic isn’t always bad. In fact, when it comes to skin care, basic is sometimes better! Have we peaked your interest? We thought so. Below we share a three-step skin care routine that will help save you time—and help you get great-looking skin—proving that basic isn’t always a bad thing!

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step in any skin care routine—whether it’s just a few steps or the 10-step Korean beauty regimen—is cleansing. Fact is, you can have the most amazing moisturizer in the universe (you know, the kind that lives up to every lofty claim!) but if you’re layering it over last night’s makeup, pollution, and other debris that are kicking it on your complexion you’re asking for trouble. To get the most out of your skin care routine, even a basic one, you’ll want to start with a clean canvas.

Oily/Acne-Prone Skin: Look for a gel-based cleanser formulated with salicylic acid. BHAs like salicylic acid can chemically exfoliate the skin’s surface, removing excess oil and other pore-clogging impurities from the skin. We like Vichy’s Normaderm Gel Cleanser.

Dry/Mature Skin: Dry skin types and aging skin have one thing in common, dehydration. (As we age our skin’s moisture barrier begins to weaken, causing a loss of hydration and dryness.) Start your skin care routine on a moisturizing note with a creamy cleanser—we’re currently obsessing over cleansing balms! This way you won’t risk stripping your skin of necessary oils while you’re lathering up.

Sensitive Skin: For sensitive skin types we recommend keeping things gentle and fragrance-free…and what’s more gentle than micellar water? Micellar water cleansing solutions are a great option for sensitive skin types-they are pH balanced, remove makeup and other impurities without harsh rubbing, and effectively cleanse your skin. We share a few of our favorite micellar water options here!

Step 2: Serum

If you don’t use a serum already, now’s the time to start. Serums can help target specific skin care concerns—everything from dull skin to the premature signs of skin aging—inherently customizing your skin care routine. And there isn’t anything basic about that! We like to choose a serum that’s formulated with antioxidants to help diminish the appearance of discoloration on the skin’s surface, fade the look of fine lines, and neutralize the effects of free radicals on skin’s surface. Pollution can wreak havoc on your skin during the day and antioxidants are basically your best line of defense—when paired with SPF…but more on that later! At we reach for SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, the antioxidant formulated serum with a cult following in the beauty world! It’ll set you back $163 but a little goes a long way and, the truth is, if anything worth the splurge… it’s your skin!

Step 3: Moisturizer & SPF

You can cleanse and use serum, but if you skip this important skin care step it can be a recipe for disaster. Every single skin type needs moisturizer to look its best…even oily skin. (More on the importance of using moisturizer every day here!) Now a good anti-aging moisturizer is great for nighttime but during the day you’ll want to look for a formula with broad-spectrum SPF—especially if you plan to keep your routine to three simple steps. 

Basically...there you have it!

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