7 of Our Favorite Male Skin-Care Bloggers

August 17, 2020
Alanna Martine Kilkeary
By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | skincare.com by L'Oréal
sean garrette

If you’re anything like us, you love an abundance of skin-care content on your social media feeds — whether it be product shelfies, glowing selfies or how-to videos. Lately, we’ve been turning to our favorite boy skin-care bloggers on Instagram and YouTube for recommendations and think you’ll love them, too. Ahead, find seven male skin-care influencers you have to follow, ASAP.

OMG Bart

We’ll always have a major skin crush on OMG Bart — and the reason lies in his thorough product recommendations, pretty snaps and masking selfies. We look to him for lightning-fast reviews on new launches and aspirational tub pics, too.

Sean Garrette

Sean Garrette’s skin-care Instagram is a dream to look at: perfectly coordinated and monochrome, with on point product recs since Sean is an esthetician. Each ’gram comes complete with an in-depth look into his experience with each product, plus some stunning photography. We regularly get lost in this feed, and so will you.


Shane of Dermatologram posts a collection of memes, incredible before-and-afters and pretty, colorful product stashes. Plus, follow him to get an inside scoop on all things Glow Recipe.

Jake Jamie

If you love skin care with a side of comedy, hit follow on Jake Jamie. His videos will make you laugh-cry and give you inspo on which new serums, moisturizers and masks to add to cart.

Byron Shears

Byron Shears is a professional cosmetologist and beauty consultant — and we can’t get enough of his makeup and skin-care tips. In this video, for example, he shares his skin-care routine from start to finish.

Cyrille Laurent

If you’re skin-care ingredient #OBSESSED like us, Cyrille Laurent’s IG and YouTube channel is a must-follow. This French biologist breaks down the science behind skin-care ingredients and how they really affect your skin.


Hyram simply makes us smile with his YouTube videos and ’gram pics. We love his reaction videos, ingredient deep dives and critical brand reviews.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sean Garrette

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