How to Personalize Your Beauty Routine With the Clarisonic Mia Smart App

May 01, 2019
How to Personalize Your Beauty Routine With the Clarisonic Mia Smart App

If you own a Clarisonic Cleansing Brush, chances are that you’re a passionate skin-care enthusiast — or at least, on your way to becoming one. As far as skin-care tools go, the Clarisonic is a reliable one for getting a much deeper clean than you would with a simple face cloth or makeup remover wipe. But once you have that brush, where do you go from there and how can you fully personalize your cleansing routine? The answer starts with the Clarisonic App, which is compatible with Google Play and the Apple Store. To use it, you’ll need a Clarisonic Mia Smart (all the more reason to upgrade your cleansing tool) and just a few seconds to sync it via Bluetooth to your phone.

Ahead, learn four ways in which you can take full advantage of the Clarisonic App to track your skin’s improvements, discover your personalized skin-care routine and earn rewards for cleansing (yup, you read that right).

Discover Your Personalized Skin-Care Routine

When you download the app for the first time, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your skin type, skin goals and whether or not you’ve used a Clarisonic Cleansing tool before. Based on your responses, the app will recommend a specific skin-care routine for you, which will be accompanied by a helpful how-to video to follow.

Set Alarms

If this made you cringe thinking about your morning alarm, we’re sorry, but we’re here to keep you on track of your skin’s progress. You can set a time for a reminder every day, or for specific days of the week if you don’t use your Clarisonic daily. And if you use a specific brush certain days of the week, you can edit the name of your alarm to make this information clear.

Track Your Skin’s Progress

Instead of housing daily images of your skin in your phone gallery, you can store them in the “achievements” section of the app. Your phone will log your photos by days (day one, day two and so on) so you can monitor your progress over time. And if you’re goal-driven, you can earn achievements in the app based on how often you log your routine.

Stay on Top of Your Clarisonic Rewards

With the purchase of Clarisonic products, you can upload a photo of your receipt to the app to build up rewards. Said rewards include exclusive offers,  birthday treats, access to seasonal promotions and more. Sign up in the app to get started.

Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Brush Heads

Once you’ve been using the same brush head for three months, the app will alert you that it’s time for a replacement. When you sign up for the Clarisonic Rewards program, you'll also get a discount on brush auto-replenishment.


Photo: Chaunte Vaughn

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