#MaskMonday: We Tried the Glow Recipe Watermelon Jelly Mask — Here’s What We Think

March 18, 2019
#MaskMonday: We Tried the Glow Recipe Watermelon Jelly Mask — Here’s What We Think

#MaskMonday is where Skincare.com editors try the latest and greatest skin-care masks buzzing on the interwebs and reveal their honest thoughts.

There are a few buzzy ingredients that have been making the rounds in the social skin-care universe, and one of our favorites as of late is watermelon. Since I’ve been a fan of the fruit since I was a child, I’ve been itching to try every single watermelon-infused product on the market, including the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask. Here’s how it went.

Mask: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask

MSRP: $8

Editor & Skin Type: Alanna, Combination Skin

According to Glow Recipe founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, watermelon skin care is huge in Korea. “We both grew up with watermelons as a big part of our culture and with our grandmothers rubbing it on our wounds,” Chang said at an event for the launch of the sheet mask. The jelly sheet mask is the latest product in the watermelon line for Glow Recipe, which started with the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask and Pink Juice Moisturizer.

I first tried the new mask at night. I peeled back the adorable watermelon package to reveal the mask folded up over contact-like paper. I was surprised by  how much liquid really was in the container — nearly three-fourths of an inch of serum soaked the contents that I was about to put on my face. At the time, I was weary about the actual mask losing too much water before I even used it, but I soon discovered that the gel did hold the hydration after I picked it up.

After a few tears (you have to be extremely gentle with the sheet mask because the gel is so delicate and rips easily), I finally got it to lay perfectly flat on my skin. I left it on for recommended ten minutes, and while basking in my watermelon jelly dreams, I took note of the pleasant, fruity smell and cooling texture on my face. It also felt flexible and not uncomfortable like other sheet masks can be, so I never once felt like I needed to constrict my movements. I then of course, pulled out my phone and snapped a few selfies, because did it really even feel as nice without documenting it? (Spoiler alert: It actually did, but I digress).

Sooner than I would have liked, my ten-minute alarm went off, and I began to remove the mask carefully. Peeling it off was probably one of my favorite parts of the experience: it felt as if the dirt, grime and pollution on my skin’s surface was peeling right off along with the jelly texture, and almost instantly, my face felt calm and hydrated. I then rubbed in the rest of the serum from the mask to make sure it seeped into my pores as much as possible.

Next, I applied the rest of my typical nighttime moisturizer, and shortly thereafter, my skin appeared plump with hydration, softer and smoother than it had before the mask. It also did not seem to give my combination skin a too-dewy or too-dry effect — rather, it provided a happy medium and thankfully, did not irritate my skin in the slightest.

Final Thoughts

This mask has become my go-to for a while now, ever since that first time I tried it. It’s incredibly breathable, comfortable and gentle: all the things that a skin-care mask should be.

Not only do I get to relax into a watermelon bubble every time I use it, it also really does what it says it will. Lee and Chang are onto something here: not only does it revive the appearance of skin, it also heals the soul … and for that, it’s a mask that everyone should try.

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