Facial Bars Are the New Blow-Dry Bars — And Here Are Four We Love

March 15, 2019
Facial Bars Are the New Blow-Dry Bars — And Here Are Four We Love

With every new beauty activity comes the apprehension of breaking an old routine — whether that means trying a new staple moisturizer or getting your hair done at a blow-dry bar (which used to be unheard of!) instead of your salon. For beauty gurus who love getting spa facials on the reg, we’re here to stop you in your tracks and introduce you to a faster, more affordable and convenient option that gives you the results you’re looking for. Enter: facial bars.

According to Michael Pollak, Co-Founder of Heyday facial shop in New York City, “Clients love the fact they can fit us into their busy day (longer hours, no time spent changing and waiting), not just on a leisurely weekend or vacation, and the fact that they can leave with solid advice about their skin and their at-home routine.” Unlike spas, facial bars are made to work with your schedule and seamlessly fit better into your wallet and life — with the bonus of an educated staff. “We have a large team of licensed estheticians who are knowledgeable and passionate about skin care, ingredients, products and love few things more than imparting sage advice and human touch to our clients,” he says. An education-first facial experience without the time and money expense? Where can we sign up!?

Ahead, we rounded up four of the best facial bars and shops that are slowly but surely taking over the beauty space one (quick) facial treatment at a time.


Pollak’s facial shop brainchild Heyday includes a variety of services, ranging from a 30-minute $65 facial to a 75-minute $140 one. Its LA location also offers a Back to Balance 75-minute CBD facial if that’s your thing. It's important to know that every facial is customized based on your skin's needs during your visit.

Skin Laundry

If laser facials are more your style, we highly recommend Skin Laundry. With four US locations, and one in the UK and Hong Kong, it offers three main treatments: The Laser & Light Facial for $75, The Carbon Peel Facial for $150 and The Ultra Fractional Facial for $250. These facials serve a variety of skin types, including dull, acne-prone, aging and everything in between.

Blitz Facial Bar

Blitz offers myriad services that guarantee “more than a pretty facial,” from 30- to 60-minute facial treatments to chemical peels, microdermabrasion and more. Its library of products are crafted by the brand, and you’re able to shop and take them home with you after your experience.

Silver Mirror

Silver Mirror is an excellent option if you have sensitive, acne-prone or aging skin. It offers five different 50-minute targeted facials that address all these issues, as well as four 30-minute maintenance facials, including a facial built for men and even a party-prep treatment.

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