Eat Your Way to Better Skin: Snacking For Your Skin Type

June 09, 2016
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
Eat Your Way to Better Skin: Snacking For Your Skin Type

Snacks for Damaged Skin

Lewis says to snack on more fruits and vegetables—a good nutrition tip no matter your skin concerns—but especially those high in vitamins A, C, and E. Choose produce that is vibrant and brightly colored, like berries, papaya, tomatoes, kale and broccoli.

Snacks for Mature Skin

“Try cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage,” shares Lewis. As well, she says that certain enzymes in lemons and garlic are great!

Snacks for Puffy Skin

By now, we’re all well aware that puffy skin can be caused by consuming a little too much salt, so naturally water is a great bet! “Water works wonders to flush out excess sodium and sugar and puts your system sodium back in balance,” explains Lewis. “As well, dark leafy greens are a good source of potassium and magnesium to help reestablish an electrolyte balance.” She also recommends bananas, lemons, beets, and asparagus.

Snacks for Dry Skin

While there’s no evidence that shows that hydrating your body from the inside, hydrates it on the outside, snacking on hydrating foods can’t hurt! “Eat foods with a higher water content like cucumber, celery, radish, green peppers. and watermelon—which are all more than 90 percent water,” says Lewis. 

Snacks for Oily Skin

When it comes to oily skin, there are certain snacks you’ll want to avoid, like those that are highly processed, high in sugar, or high in sodium. Instead season your food with spices like turmeric, ginger, and oregano.

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