Tea Time: The Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

June 24, 2016
Jessie Quinn
By: Jessie Quinn | skincare.com by L'Oréal
Tea Time: The Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants and minerals, green tea has earned high marks in the wellness world for years. But, mind-body well-being aside, did you know that green tea may also have a few beauty benefits, as well? To learn more about the benefits of tea time, we turned to The Body Shop’s Beauty Botanist, Jennifer Hirsch, who calls green tea an “ancient beauty secret.” Well folks, some secrets are just meant to be shared.

The tea, which hails from China and India, is rich in catechins—or natural antioxidants. “Green tea has a real depth of plant science underpinning its detoxifying beauty properties,” Hirsch says, explaining that the tea is particularly potent in one of the most powerful free radical targeting antioxidants, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). When it comes to protecting the skin against harmful environmental factors such as free radicals, antioxidants are definitely on the front lines. When asked if it's better to sip on green tea or use it topically in our skin care routines, Hirsch asks: “Do I have to choose?” She explains that the high-levels of antioxidants are reason enough to reach for a cup of green tea in lieu of your daily cup of joe.

When it comes to incorporating this superfood into your skin care regimen, Hirsch recommends trying The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea. This bath tea is formulated with real antioxidant-rich green tea leaves from Japan and the brand’s community trade organic aloe vera. The soak helps you to kiss the stress of your day goodbye. After your soak, lather on a little of the brand’s Fuji Green Tea Body Butter. The lightweight body butter offers hydration plus a crisp, refreshing scent. 

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