Meet Enrico Frezza, the Founder of Peace Out Skincare Who’s Changing the Acne Game One Pimple Patch at a Time

November 04, 2020
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | by L'Oréal
Meet Enrico Frezza, the Founder of Peace Out Skincare Who’s Changing the Acne Game One Pimple Patch at a Time

Peace Out Skincare founder Enrico Frezza has merged tech and skin care to create a super Instagrammable line of skin solutions, from patches that zap acne overnight to sticker-like dots that target dark spots and dullness. The brand has also created a skin-positive community that’s changing the conversation about acne. Here, we’re chatting with Frezza about how he developed the brand to what exciting skin innovations are in the pipeline. 


You weren’t always in the skin-care space. What led you to found Peace Out? 

I started out working for my family’s intelligence company overseeing cyber security. I always experienced severe acne and I couldn’t find an overnight acne treatment that actually worked. Peace Out was born out of my necessity to develop effective acne products and my deep desire to build an inclusive brand that gives people a place to feel safe and empowered. 


I came up with Peace Out Acne Healing Dots as a first of its kind solution. It revolutionized the acne industry that was more focused on masking acne versus treating it effectively. This introduced the consumer to the first acne healing dot made from premium infused hydrocolloid and active anti-acne ingredients. 


Today and every day, Peace Out’s mission is really simple: we want to create good, clean, effective, fun products that help champion our customer and their skin.


Why was it so important for you to build a community for your customers? 

I had no one to really connect with about my acne experience throughout my teens. I built Peace Out Skincare on the foundation of inclusivity and skin positivity. We are a brand that our customers can count on to be honest and be there for them and a brand that proves skin care can be fun and not scary. 


What has been the biggest challenge for you since launching Peace Out Skincare?

I like to use the term adventure instead of challenge. The incredible response to the brand and our products from our amazing community since launching has kept us running at full speed. It has already been such an incredible journey, from growing our global partnership with Sephora, to our team going from four people to 20+ people in a year.. 


Wearing protective face masks has brought about a whole new struggle with acne. How is Peace Out Skincare helping people struggling with mask-related breakouts right now? 

We understood right off the bat from our work with first responders and our team that maskne was a real issue. We began speaking to our community about how to protect yourself and what products we offer to combat it. We launched a maskne kit, Maskne MVPs, that sold out within two weeks of launch and we showed customers how to use our products while wearing a mask on our social channels. 


How do you decide what comes next in the brand? 

I am obsessed with skin tech! I am constantly researching how technology and skin-care can work together to better develop ingredients and deliver them into the skin for the maximum results. I already have a game plan for the products I would like to develop for the next three years. Once I conceptualize an idea for a product that I feel fits into the brand and that will benefit my customers’ skin journey, I work through the research, tech, ingredients and delivery system. If I am 1000% sure I have something truly innovative, I bring in my team and we work to turn it into reality.  My latest product launching at the end of December will have an innovative delivery system and ingredient platform to help give your skin a super boost. 


What advice would you give your 20-year-old self? 

Stop hiding in the house! Go outside and live your life. Don’t let your acne take over your existence. You are awesome. And stop picking!


Fill in the blanks: 

My three desert island products are: Peace Out Acne Healing Dots, my portable neck fan and my SPF. 


To me, beauty means: You hear it over and over but for me, inside is out. Listen, sometimes I feel freaking amazing, my pores are small, I have no hyperpigmentation and my skin is dewy. Some days I look at myself and I feel like I am a 500-year-old Mummy! Luckily, I have a husband who reminds me how beautiful life is and how much I am worth. That to me is beautiful. 


The best part about being my own boss is: The ability to be truly creative. Being able to dream up skin-care products and technology is what I was born to do, so I am living my dream. 


My typical self-care Sunday includes: Netflix, martinis and homemade pizza.


Photo: Courtesy of Peace Out, Design: Hannah Packer

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