Adding a Jade Roller into Your Routine with the Best Products

January 15, 2024
Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | by L'Oréal
I Used a Jade Roller Every Night for Two Weeks in the Name of Self Care

To be completely candid, it took me a while to hop on the jade rolling bandwagon. I wasn’t really aware of what benefits, if any, it has for your skin, and to be honest, it looked like an extra, unnecessary step in my already long skin-care routine. That being said — as most beauty editors do — I eventually gave into the trend and decided to see what all the fuss was about.


After receiving my first jade roller, I watched countless YouTube demonstrations from beauty gurus on how exactly the whole thing works. I had a lot of questions, from what direction to roll in, to how much pressure to apply and what products to use with it. I also found myself searching “What does jade rolling do?”


Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, I learned that jade rollers have a long list of potential skin benefits. “Jade rollers have been trending for a few years Stateside, but they actually go back centuries in Chinese medicine. Jade is a precious stone in Asia, thought to have special healing, detoxing qualities,” says Alicia Yoon, Founder of Peach & Lily. “Jade rollers have been credited to do a wide range of things, from de-puffing to helping with lymphatic drainage to removing toxins. Massaging skin with a jade roller can help boost circulation and potentially help de-puff the appearance of skin. When it comes to lymphatic drainage, it’s really all about how the jade roller is used; lymphatic drainage requires specific and intentional movements.”


Armed with this information and my new tool, I set out on a skin-care quest to jade roll every single night for two weeks straight to see if it made a noticeable difference. Every night, immediately following the application of my favorite serum, I grabbed my jade roller, sat back, relaxed and began the process. Starting at the center of my face, I rolled in outward swipes across one cheek, making multiple passes, before moving on to the other side. Then I rolled underneath my eyes, my forehead and made my way down along my jawline and neck. The entire process took about two to four minutes, depending on how many times I went over an area.

When I sat down to do it, I looked forward to how the cold jade roller would feel on my temples and along my jaw, especially where I hold a lot of tension. Although the results were not immediate, I found that consistent, regular use did in fact make a difference in the appearance of my complexion. My skin looked visibly more radiant, like it does after I get a facial. My products — the serums I apply before jade rolling — no longer pilled because they completely absorbed into my skin. I even noticed my under-eye area looking less tired over time.

Fast forward about a year, and now I have two jade rollers chilling in my mini skin-care fridge at all times. I use them regularly as a sacred step in my skin-care routine and look at the activity as both a boost for my skin’s appearance and a little self-care moment that I deserve after a long day. Now go grab your jade roller, kick your feet up and treat yourself to this tiny act of TLC.


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