The Makeup Removing Duo Our Editors Swear By

September 01, 2017
Margaret Fisher
By: Margaret Fisher | by L'Oréal
The Makeup Removing Duo Our Editors Swear By

Let’s be real, removing makeup isn’t always an easy feat. Picking the right products to sweep away every last lingering bit of waterproof mascara and heavy-duty foundation can require a lot of trial and error, often ending with makeup merely smeared across your face—nowhere near completely gone. It isn’t an issue to take lightly, since heading to bed with a complexion that’s still coated in cosmetics can lead to clogged pores and eventual breakouts. We’re happy to go on the record and say: No thanks to that!

Can’t we just cast a spell to make makeup disappear at the end of the day? Not quite, but our beauty editors have found a solution that’s simple and effective. Rather than relying on just one makeup remover, you’ll want to double up—one for your eye makeup, and one for your face makeup.

Step One: Eye Makeup Removal

Sweep away your smokey eye and winged liner with nothing short of a classic, Lancome Bi-Facil. This tried-and-true eye makeup remover boasts a bi-phase formula, known for instantly whisking away traces of eye makeup. The water phase is made with special emollients that refresh and condition your lashes and the delicate eye area, without leaving behind residue. Eyes are left feeling cool and refreshed—no slimy, greasy lids. Seriously, it isn’t hard to understand why this remover is a favorite among editors and consumers alike.

To use, simply shake the bottle to distribute the two phases, saturate a cotton pad, and sweep it over closed eyes to remove all types of eye makeup, and you’ll surely be joining the fan club. 

Lancome Bi-Facil, $30 MSRP

Step Two: Face Makeup Removal

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Bi-Facil Eyes pairs perfectly with the brand’s Bi-Facil Face. After taking it for a test-drive recently, our editors were emphatically impressed and obsessed—and obviously, we want to pass on that passion to you. Once your eye makeup is entirely removed, that’s when you’re ready to reach for your second step.

From long-wear foundation to concealer, Bi-Facil Face has you covered—or more accurately, uncovered. The formula combines two of our favorite cleansing methods into one—oil and micellar water—to help break down makeup and cleanse your complexion. Best of all, Bi-Facil Face benefits from one of the best aspects of micellar water, being a total time-saver. That’s right, no rinsing necessary! Any ladies who can relate to the pain of handling a constant time-crunch can rejoice right along with us.

To use, give the bottle a gentle jiggle to mix the two phases. Then, place some of the liquid on a cotton pad, soaking it generously. Smooth the pad across your skin, removing makeup along with impurities that may be sitting on the surface of your skin. There you have it! No need to stand in front of the sink or splash your face with water, you’re all set.

Lancome Bi-Facil Face, $40 MSRP

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