In Honor of Vitamin C Day, Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Skin-Care Science Experiment

April 03, 2020
In Honor of Vitamin C Day, Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Skin-Care Science Experiment

Makeup lovers may have National Lipstick Day in July, but we skin-care devotees have an arguably brighter holiday to celebrate every April 4: National Vitamin C Day! We can thank SkinCeuticals, the company behind the much-loved C E Ferulic serum, for making Vitamin C Day a reality. Seriously, the science-backed brand is so committed to spreading the gospel about why it’s important to incorporate the antioxidant into your daily skin-care routine that it actually owns the holiday.

In honor of National Vitamin C Day, SkinCeuticals challenged its fans to conduct an experiment using C E Ferulic and an apple to show how the serum can reduce visible signs of atmospheric aging. The brand first posted its own video of the challenge on YouTube, and it’s a must-see.


In the video, you’ll notice how the apple starts to oxidize when it’s exposed to atmospheric aggressors. The apple, which is meant to represent your skin, starts to brown when it’s exposed to the environment. However, when the apple is treated with just a drop of C E Ferulic prior to exposure, it showed little to no signs of color change, whereas, the portion of the apple that wasn’t treated looked brown and splotchy.

We were so astonished by the visual that we eagerly accepted the challenge and ran out to pick up an apple and try the experiment ourselves. Our results, which you can see on’s Instagram, were equally as impressive. Even after 24 hours, the side of our apple that had been treated with C E Ferulic remained white and fresh-looking, while the one that had been left untouched was withered and brown. It was more than enough to convince us to use a vitamin C serum today and every day.

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