The Makeup Remover You Need for Long-Wear Lipstick

June 23, 2016
Jessica Khorsandi
By: Jessica Khorsandi | by L'Oréal
The Makeup Remover You Need for Long-Wear Lipstick

No makeup look is truly complete without a fresh coat of lipstick. That’s why we always carry our favorite lippies in our beauty bags—from bold reds to subtle nudes—for quick and easy touch-ups on the go. Recently, we found ourselves swapping our trusty glosses and sheeny lipsticks in favor of long-wear varieties like mattes and stains. Aside from being trendy, these flat pigments stay put all day long when applied correctly. The need to add an extra coat by midday is practically eliminated—plus, there’s no mess left on cups and clothes. But like all good things, there’s a downside. These no-smear colors are often notoriously—and infuriatingly—hard to remove. If you want to switch up your lip color throughout the day, well, it’s no easy feat. Heck, sometimes the removal process can take upwards of 10 minutes. Not to mention, lips are left feeling raw and chapped after all that intense rubbing. No, thank you!

Just as we were prepping to retire from long-wear lip colors—in the name of non-irritated lips—for a short while, our friends at NYX Professional Makeup sent over a sample of their lip color remover. Now, removing lipstick—even those that just don’t want to budge!—has never been easier.


Gone are the days of needing to rub your pucker dry to simply remove a long-wearing lipstick. Add this lip color remover to your beauty arsenal to instantly wipe away even stubborn lip colors. Dab the formula—a little bit goes a long way—over your pout and let it sit for a minute. Then, gently buff unwanted lip color or stain away. Lips will look like a blank canvas without any redness from harsh rubbing. Thanks to the inclusion of vitamin E, lips will also be left feeling soft and smooth. If you’re a lipstick lover, this product is calling your name. And for $5—less than what you may normally spend on lunch—the price just can’t be beat! 

Nyx Professional Makeup Be Gone! Lip Color Remover, $5

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