Healthy Skin Month: 7 Good Skin Care Habits to Start Now

November 15, 2018
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
Healthy Skin Month: 7 Good Skin Care Habits to Start Now

While November typically indicates the start of the holiday season—and for many of us the start of frigid weather—did you know that it’s also Healthy Skin Month? In honor of the occasion we’ve rounded up seven good skin care habits that you should start now! Consider this an early New Year’s Resolution!

Start Taking Shorter Showers

Sure, those long hot showers feel amazing when it’s below zero outside, but you actually may be doing more harm than good… especially when it comes to your skin. Try to limit the amount of time spent in the bath or shower and do your best to keep the water lukewarm and not hot. Water that is steaming can potentially dry out your skin.

Learn to Love Moisturizing

Another quick way to dry out your skin? Hopping out of said shower and not moisturizing your skin from head to toe. The prime time to hydrate your skin is while it is still slightly damp as this can help lock in the moisture. After showering or washing your face reach for a moisturizing product for your face and body.

Indulge in Moderation

Cookies, cocktails, and lots and lots of flavored coffee, that’s what the holiday season is made of… but those vices may wreak havoc on your skin if you indulge too much. Enjoy them all in moderation and be sure to stock up on healthy holiday foods that are packed with vitamins and nutrients. And, while you’re at it, make sure you drink a healthy amount of water each day!

Embrace Exfoliation

If you don’t already, be sure to add exfoliation into your weekly routine. You can opt for chemical exfoliation—using a product formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids or enzymes—or physical exfoliation—with a gentle scrub. As we get older our skin’s natural process of desquamation—the shedding of dead skin cells to reveal brighter-looking new skin underneath—slows down. This, in turn, can cause a buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface—leading to dull skin tone, dryness, and other skin care concerns.

Protect Yourself

Think sunscreen is reserved for the summertime? Wrong. Wearing broad-spectrum SPF—meaning SPF that shields against both UVA and UVB rays—each and every day, rain or shine, is easily one of the most important steps you can take when caring for your skin. Not only are you protecting yourself from damaging UV rays that can cause skin cancers like melanoma, you’re also taking steps to stop the signs of aging before they begin. Yes, folks, when Mr. Golden Sun shines down on you and you’re not wearing sunscreen each and every day, you’re asking for wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

Care For The Skin Below Your Chin

While you may have spent a good amount of time focusing on your face, did you know that some of the first places to show the signs of skin aging aren’t even on your gorgeous mug? Fact: Your neck, chest, and hands are some of the first places where fine lines and discoloration can pop up so they need to be cared for as diligently as you care for your face. Extend creams and lotions below your chin when you’re going through your routine and keep a small hand cream on your desk or an easy-to-reach location to remind yourself to keep your hands hydrated.

Stop Popping Pimples

We get it, zits, pimples, bumps, and blemishes are never welcome additions to your visage, but picking and popping them is not going to make them go away any faster. Picking at the clear complexion offender can leave you with a lasting scar so patience is key when it comes to pimples. Keep your face clean, use an acne-fighting spot treatment, and give it a little time.

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