The Beauty Professor Dishes on Her Full Skin Care Routine

August 17, 2017
Kate Marin
By: Kate Marin | by L'Oréal
The Beauty Professor Dishes on Her Full Skin Care Routine

The Beauty Professor, Rachel Anise Wegter, is an authority both in the beauty industry and inside the classroom. When she’s not reviewing some of the best products out there, she’s teaching communication studies to her college students. Wegter dedicates herself fully to both passions— encouraging her students to become more effective communicators, while sharing her love of beauty with her readers. With handfuls of packages making their way through her door each month, it’s safe to say that Wegter knows a good product when she sees one. Naturally, we were curious to learn more about which ones are staples in her daily beauty routine, along with the routine itself.

If there’s one thing we know when it comes to skin care aficionados, it’s that the term “simple” is extremely relative. A 7-step routine may feel excessive for the minimalist wash-and-moisturize crew, while a K-Beauty enthusiast might find it incomplete compared to their 10+ step routine. “I would classify my routine as relatively streamlined and simple,” Wegter says. “Especially in light of how many products pass through my doors for testing each month!” But how simple is simple? Ahead, we share The Beauty Professor’s step-by-step skin morning and evening skin care routines.

Morning Routine

Step 1: Cleanse

The first product Wegter reaches for every morning? Micellar water! These easy-to-use, rinse-free cleansers are a favorite amongst beauty editors and bloggers alike. We share a few of our favorite micellar waters, here!

Step 2: Tone 

After cleansing her skin with micellar water, Wegter reaches for a pH-balancing toner. Toners are an easy way to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed while targeting a wide variety of concerns, be it dryness, excess shine, or blemishes.

Step 3: Moisturize

If there’s one thing you do after cleansing, let it be hydrating your skin! Moisturizing is a key step in every skin care routine, no matter your skin type.

Evening Routine

Step 1: Exfoliate

At night, Wegter reaches for a gentle scrub to help remove dead skin cells on her skin’s surface.

Step 2: Essence

You don’t need to divulge in a 10-step K-Beauty routine to reap the benefits of some of its most beneficial products. After exfoliating, Wegter reaches for a hydrating essence before following up with her serums of choice.

Step 3: Serums and Creams 

Not surprisingly, Wegter has an arsenal of facial serums and creams that she chooses from each night. One thing she never skips? Eye cream, specifically one that targets the appearance of loose skin around the delicate eye area.

Step 4: Body Care 

Why should your face get all the hydration love? Be sure to hydrate the rest of your body before bed. Wegter sure does!

Expert Tips

With a name like The Beauty Professor, you better believe we asked Wegter to share of her best skin care advice and tips with us. “Don’t touch your face unless your hands are freshly washed,” she says. “My brilliant mom instilled this habit in me when I was a child and my skin is much better off for it to this day!” Another habit Wegter urges her readers to follow? Staying safe in the sun. “Growing up at the beach with relatively olive skin that rarely burns, I definitely spent more time tanning than I should have,” she says. “Now, I make sure that Broad Spectrum sunscreen and a hat are an unmitigated part of my routine when outdoors.”

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