We Tried the Lancôme Rénergie Lift Milk Peel (And Spoiler: We’re in Love)

June 23, 2020
Dawn Davis
By: Dawn Davis | skincare.com by L'Oréal
We Tried the Lancôme Rénergie Lift Milk Peel (And Spoiler: We’re in Love)

I’m really missing my dermatologist these days (shout out to Dr. Ellen Marmur!), and I’m dreaming of chemical peels and laser treatments. While it feels like everyone else spent their social-distancing time masking, I’ve been away from home and away from my regular skin-care products — and my skin has been lackluster because of it. I decided what my ad-hoc routine needed most was a chemical exfoliant, so when Lancôme gifted me its new Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Milk Peel ($80 MSRP) to try and review, it seemed like just the thing to do. 

The name “milk peel” immediately got my attention, and the product does have a milky consistency and peel-like benefits (that’s where the chemical exfoliation for increased surface cell turnover comes in), I was surprised to learn that it doesn’t contain any actual milk and is more of a skin-care lotion than a typical liquid peel. It’s a bi-phase product, which means you have to shake it before you use it, and you pour a little onto a cotton pad to apply it after cleansing. It’s formulated with vitamin E and linseed extract to help hydrate and lipo-hydroxy acid to exfoliate. 

The first time I used it, I was impressed by the powdery rose fragrance. I usually avoid fragranced skin care, but I found this scent to be lovely and subtle. Then, there was the soft finish it left on my skin — it felt like I’d applied a light moisturizer instead of an exfoliating product. I did, however, still follow it up with my favorite moisturizer. I’ve now been using the milk peel daily for six weeks, and I’m already starting to notice a difference: My skin feels refreshed and smoother. I may not be doing my pre-pandemic 12-step routine, but my skin certainly isn’t lackluster anymore.



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