At-Home Acne Hacks You Should Never Try

September 14, 2016
Jessica Khorsandi
By: Jessica Khorsandi | by L'Oréal
At-Home Acne Hacks You Should Never Try

Oh, acne. Just when you thought those hideous zits were gone for good, they appear out of nowhere and corrode your near-perfect complexion. From there, it’s all about making them disappear. But are you going about it the right way? Below, five acne hacks you should stop trying. If you partake in any, you could be leaving your skin worse-off! 

Acne Hack #1: Applying Toothpaste On Your Acne 

Putting toothpaste onto a pimple to dry it out is an age-old wives’ tale that mostly everyone has heard of by now. While it is an inexpensive home staple, stick to it for your teeth only. Certain ingredients in toothpaste can be too harsh on the skin, leading to potential irritation and over-drying. Instead of toothpaste, try an over-the-counter spot treatment formulated with an acne-fighting ingredient like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide

Acne Hack #2: Using Spot Treatments Too Much

Spot treatments are a godsend for tackling stubborn acne, but there can be too much of a good thing. Don’t apply it onto your skin willy-nilly. Always follow the instructions listed on the package label to avoid drying out your skin.

Acne Hack #3: Over-Washing Your Face

So many people wrongly believe that acne is caused by dirty skin. The truth is, even those who religiously wash their face twice daily can get pesky pimples. It’s important to cleanse daily to keep your pores clear of gunk, but overdoing it can actually make a breakout worse. Too much cleansing can dry out your skin and lead to a hypersecretion of oil, meaning instead of ridding your skin of oil, you could just be adding more into the mix. Whoops!

Acne Hack #4: Skipping Moisturizer

If your skin is oily and you’re having a breakout, your first instinct might be to skip moisturizer so you can dry out the pimples. This is a terrible idea! All skin types need hydration daily, so never opt out of moisturizer. Instead, reach for an oil-free formula that feels light and airy on the skin. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel is a great choice for optimal hydration—thanks hyaluronic acid!—and won’t clog pores.  

Acne Hack #5: Popping or Picking at Your Zits

Forget what you’ve heard. Popping or picking at your acne is a surefire way to make the situation worse, not better—especially if your hands are dirty. If there’s bacteria or germs on your fingers, they can enter into the open skin and wreak havoc. Not to mention, all that “popping” pressure will cause the skin around the blemish to become upset and even irritated. Your pimples will look more noticeable as a result, so just leave them alone! Give them a chance to properly heal without running the risk of scarring or introducing new bacteria.

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