This Beauty Blogger Never Leaves Home Without Sunscreen

November 16, 2017
Claire Rodgers
By: Claire Rodgers | by L'Oréal
This Beauty Blogger Never Leaves Home Without Sunscreen

From healthy lifestyle tips to timeless fashion insights, it’s no wonder Cat—the blogger behind Cat's Daily Living – has a huge following. Naturally, we had to get the inside scoop on anything and everything about her beauty routine. Ahead we share Cat’s beauty mantra, secrets, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

“My beauty routine is my ME time every day,” Cat says. “I enjoy taking care of my mind and body. I enjoy every aspect of my routine which has made it easier for me to stay consistent and look forward to these times.” That said, Cat is no stranger to a busy schedule, which can at times strip time away from pampering. “Of course, it’s not always easy to set aside time for yourself when there are deadlines to be met, places to go, people to see,” she says. “On most days I keep things simple. A few basic necessities: a refreshing and soothing toner, a brightening eye cream with anti-aging benefits, a great serum and a hydrating moisturizer are all that my skin needs.”

Like most others, Cat starts her skin care routine by ensuring her face is properly cleansed with face wash. She then applies an alcohol-free toner or a face mist, followed by an eye cream and a lip balm. “Next is always a serum. Either one formulated with hyaluronic acid or with vitamin C in the morning,” she says. “At night, I like to also layer a face oil on top of my moisturizer to help seal everything in. I warm up a few drops of oil into the palms of my hands and gently press it into my skin.”

With such a vast knowledge about products, we asked Cat about the ones she truly could not live without. “A great, broad-spectrum SPF is the absolute priority of my skin care routine,” she says. “I never leave my house without wearing sunscreen.” Hand cream is another essential for Cat. “It’s so important to have a good hand cream in your arsenal that’s free of harmful chemicals,” she says. “One that nourishes and hydrates your skin and nails.” One product you can always find her purse? Lip balm. “I simply can’t live without a good lip balm. To be honest, I have several lip balms on me and with me at all times,” she says.


Protect your skin from the sun. It took me years to realize and understand how damaging the sun can be.

 As for her best skin care tip, it’s one that we fully stand behind here at, and one that unfortunately is ignored by many. “Protect your skin from the sun,” Cat says. “It took me years to realize and understand how damaging the sun can be.” Hear that? Don’t let sun spots and visible signs of skin aging be your wakeup call.

 Over the years, Cat has learned a lot about herself and beauty as a whole. Gone are the days when she would fret about showing her face sans makeup. “When it comes to skin care, I can proudly say I’ve come a long way,” she says. “Over the years, I’ve come to realize that beautiful skin starts from within. Staying hydrated throughout the day and eating healthy, balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. Now, I embrace my dewy, bare face and when I find a product that works, I stick with it."


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