Um, Is That a Pimple on My Eyelid?

November 18, 2020
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | by L'Oréal
Um, Is That a Pimple on My Eyelid?

You’ve probably experienced acne on your chest, back and maybe even on your butt (don’t worry, buttne is totally normal and common), but have you ever had a pimple on your eyelid? Zits on your eyelids are a thing but can be tricky to address because they can be hard to identify correctly. After consulting with New York City-based board-certified dermatologist, and expert Dr. Hadley King, we learned how to spot the different types of bumps on eyelids and what you can if you get them.

Can You Get Pimples on Your Eyelids?

“While pimples can happen around your eyes, if you’re dealing with what looks like a pimple directly on the eyelid, it's probably a stye,” says Dr. King. The reason that bump on your eyelid is likely a stye is because you generally don’t have sebaceous glands in that area. “Acne forms when sebaceous glands become clogged,” says Dr. King. “Styes form when specialized eyelid glands, called meibomian glands, become clogged.” 

The best way to identify whether the bump is a pimple or a style is by its location. If it’s directly on your eyelid, lash line, underneath your lash line or inner tear duct, it’s probably a stye.

Additionally, if you are experiencing white bumps on your eyelids, it might not be a pimple or a stye at all but rather a skin condition called milia. Milia are commonly mistaken for whiteheads and can appear anywhere on your face, but they’re most common around the eyes. They appear as white, tiny bumps and are caused by a buildup of keratin underneath the skin. 

How to Address a Stye 

Typically, a stye will go away on its own after a few days. When dealing with a stye, Dr. King explains that it’s very important to be gentle. “Wash the area gently but thoroughly, and use a warm compress,” she says. 

How to Address Milia 

According to the Mayo Clinic, milia goes away on its own within several weeks or months without the need of medical or topical treatment. That being said, if you are using topical products in efforts to get rid of milia and aren’t seeing a difference, then it’s likely you have a pimple. Also note that it’s important not to poke, scrub or pick at milia as doing so can cause irritation and potential infection. 

How to Address Pimples Near Your Eyelids

As we learned, pimples on your eyelids aren’t very likely due to the lack of sebaceous glands, but if you do get a pimple near your eyelid or in the surrounding area, consult with your dermatologist to see if trying a topical skin-care products with acne-fighting ingredients can help. A great face wash you can add to your routine is the CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser because it’s formulated with benzoyl peroxide to help clear acne and prevent new blemishes from forming. 


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