Underarm Detoxing Is a Thing — And One of Our Editors Put It to the Test

May 08, 2019
Underarm Detoxing Is a Thing — And One of Our Editors Put It to the Test

If you’ve talked to me for longer than five minutes, you know I love testing natural skin-care products. Seriously, my beauty collection includes just about every brand out there. I’ve dabbled in different vegan products on a mission to find the latest and greatest new launch and I always stay on high-alert for new, sustainable skin-care offerings. So it should come as no surprise that I welcomed an underarm detox scrub into my life with open, well, arms.

The second the Pacifica Coconut & Charcoal Underarm Detox Scrub crossed my desk, I was intrigued. It’s from one of my favorite vegan, cruelty-free beauty brands, and, as I learned, was developed to make the process of transitioning to natural deodorant from antiperspirant easier. Of course, I’ve tried natural deodorants and even have a few favorites (Myro and Blume Hug Me), but if I’m being really honest, they never seem to work as well as an antiperspirant does, so I don’t stick with them. During my investigation of the Underarm Detox Scrub, I found out why that may be. Apparently, when you stop using an antiperspirant (formulas containing aluminum that block your pores that release sweat), you will sweat more and release more odor-causing bacteria then you normally do. This detoxing process is totally normal but it still stinks (pun intended).

So how does an underarm detox scrub play into your underarm detox? Well, this one contains charcoal and green tea to help remove any pore-clogging materials from your armpits. Think of it like a skin-purifying exfoliator, but for your underarms. I personally have been using it every other evening before showering (any more than that and my skin gets a little irritated), and then I apply a natural deodorant. As I enter the third week of using the underarm detox scrub, I’m noticing less perspiration and odor than I did in the very beginning. And as I reflect back on the whole process, I’m relatively certain I’ll stick to natural deodorant from here on out — because, let’s face it, I really don’t want to go through this month-long detox all over again.

While I can’t credit the breakthrough entirely to the Pacifica Underarm Detox Scrub, I’m glad I used it to accelerate the detox process. And as I near the end of my detox as a whole, you can be sure that I will be peer-pressuring anyone and everyone to go about their own little undearm detoxing adventure.

I received this product courtesy of Pacifica to try and review.


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