Career Diaries: Founder of Anisa Beauty Anisa Telwar Kaicker Talks About Her Anti-Aging Routine and Entrepreneurship in the Skin-Care Industry

May 26, 2020
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | by L'Oréal
Career Diaries: Founder of Anisa Beauty Anisa Telwar Kaicker Talks About Her Anti-Aging Routine and Entrepreneurship in the Skin-Care Industry

Anisa Telwar Kaicker is no stranger to entrepreneurship. At 17, she was inspired by her mother who had grown their family business into a multi-million dollar organization. But it wasn’t until her mother’s business went bankrupt that she decided to pick up where her mother left off and launch her own company Anisa International, a manufacturing powerhouse that designs brushes for some of the biggest beauty brands in the world. Despite the business’ renewed success, Kaicker wanted more. So, she launched Anisa Beauty, her first direct-to-consumer venture that provides essential tools that can elevate your skin-care routine. Ahead, we sat down with Kaicker to discuss some of the challenges she experienced on her entrepreneurial journey, how she overcame them and her best advice for other aspiring beauty leaders. (Plus, she spills the secrets behind her amazing anti-aging skin-care routine). 

Can you give us a little background on your career?

I was exposed to business and entrepreneurship at a young age. My mother owned an import/export company, and starting at the age of 17, I began honing my skills as I watched her build her business from nothing into a $100 million organization — only to later see her lose it all. I never earned a college degree or received formal business training — everything I learned was from working closely with my mother. So at 25 years old, I was determined to pick up where she left off. I called on a Korean business contact and asked to sell his products, which happened to be handcrafted cosmetic brushes — and in 1992, Anisa International was born. 

What began as a solo career as a cosmetic brush distributor grew into a design and production powerhouse. Within the first five years of business, I was creating and manufacturing custom artistry tools for the biggest names in the beauty business, but for me it was much more than that. In the ’90s, men owned all the manufacturing companies that made cosmetic brushes for women. I was the only woman in a male-dominated industry that catered mostly to women. Personally, I felt there was a disconnect between the manufacturers making brushes and the tools women actually needed to properly apply their makeup. I did my research and was determined to be a leader in product innovation for this industry.

What inspired you to start Anisa Beauty?

With starting Anisa Beauty, I first wanted to fill that gap (conscientiously and wisely) for skin-care brushes that was lacking in the market, but my first direct-to-consumer venture is much more than that; I want to bridge the conversational connection between brand and product design — to have real-time communication and feedback with our customers that can help guide us in creating the products that they crave and need, in a way that’s easier than before. Currently we’re working on building the Anisa Lab, which will be a dynamic product incubator bringing together experts, advisors and industry leaders with real-time consumer feedback. This network will help guide concepts, innovation and product development. It’ll be a collaboration on solutions and tools born out of real-world beauty concerns. It’s still in development but really exciting.

Can you tell us about your products and why skin-care brushes are important?

Think of it this way: A good makeup brush pairs with your foundation, bronzer or blush, and you probably have a few different ones for applying each product. Our skin-care brushes pair with your cleansers, moisturizers, treatment creams, serums and more to help you apply your product accurately for the best outcome and results to your skin. 

Our brushes are seriously the next generation in skin-care tools. They have unique synthetic tri-fibers that ensure that products sitting on top of the bristles don’t get absorbed into the brush. They’re also shaped so that you can easily scoop out product from a jar or drop just the right dosage of serum into the silicone reservoir, like in the All Over Treatment Brush. Our handle design is also patent-pending and offers comfortable thumb-placement, grip and control with no-slip ridges. We know brushes and we love brushes, and you can see that in our designs. We’ve even learned a new pro tip recently from our consumers and influencer Rose Siard, who we’re currently working with, which is that you can use the end of the brush handle to scoop out product as well. Seeing how consumers get creative with our brushes and make them fit into their own routine is so exciting for me.

What's your go-to skin-care brush and why?

I honestly love our Cleansing Brush. I was a cotton-pad user when it came to cleaning off my face and removing makeup, but now that I have this little helper, it’s seriously changed the way I feel about my skin feeling clean. It removes all of my makeup without drying down my skin or irritating it, and I can clean my neck and décolleté with it, too — it’s also my favorite design from the entire line. Because it manually cleans your skin, you’re gently exfoliating and deep cleaning pores without damage or excessive cleaning. 

What is your current skin-care routine?

I have yet to use real corrective or synthetic fillers, Botox or surgery. I love great products that I use often and have a medical esthetician who I don’t ever want to live without. She uses different treatment machines, peels and highly competent products to support my skin’s health and at-home regimen. Being 53 and aging is not easy, with lines, sagging and declining elasticity and bone density, so cleansing gently moisturizing and being consistent in the care of my skin is definitely one of the larger investments in myself. 

Morning Routine:

I first cleanse my skin with the Anisa Beauty Cleansing Brush and a Clayton Shagal Gel Cleanser. I love this product and using my gentle brush because my skin never gets dried out, but it still gets fully cleansed. Then, I use Sesderma C-Vit Mist and spray it all over my face and neck. Next, I use Clayton Shagal Elastin Gel and then I follow up with the Swiss Perfection Vitamin C Moisturizer

Nighttime Routine:

Depending on the amount of makeup I wore that day or the condition of my skin, I’ll either use my Clayton Shagal Gel Cleanser or Mara Beauty Algae Enzyme Cleansing Oil paired with the Anisa Beauty Cleansing Brush. Then, I apply a Swiss Perfection Serum followed by a Swiss Perfection eye cream. Once a week, I’ll apply retinol on my wrinkles or all over — either Sesderma or Mara Beauty — then I layer on Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel. I’ll also apply the Sesderma Botox Cream Treatment on my neck and forehead. I use Swiss Perfection Vitamin C Moisturizer two to three times a week, azelaic or salicylic peels every two weeks, and Zero Gravity Red Light Therapy three to four times per week on my neck, forehead and jawline. 

Can you share some advice with other aspiring female entrepreneurs?  

First thing’s first, know that it isn’t easy and it is not meant to be. This is a tough game and a long game and every day there are new and greater challenges. Yet, it can be the most rewarding experience and contribution to the world that you created, if you get it right. Be humble, be grateful, give back and don’t take any sh*t. 

Do you have a dream product that you hope to share with your audience one day?

Yes, many! Right now in the works, we’re looking to add three more makeup brushes under our Present collection and a mini travel set in the Protect collection. What I’m really excited about are the innovative ideas we’re starting to brainstorm for the Purify collection in 2021. It’s going to be real brush-care tools never seen before that women will love, so they can make their brushes last as long as possible. 

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