Your Favorite Vichy Serum Just Got Even Better

May 15, 2017
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
Your Favorite Vichy Serum Just Got Even Better

One of Vichy’s beloved serums just got an upgrade and we couldn’t be more excited! Idealia Serum was already a favorite to help address the effects of behavioral aging—more on that below—but with its new formula, Idealia Radiance Boosting Antioxidant Serum has cemented its place in our skin care routines for good! Learn more about the upgraded serum from the French-favorite skin care brand ahead.

What Is Behavioral Aging?

While we often associate aging with the passing of time, there are other factors at play when it comes to the visible signs of aging skin. Everything from lack of sleep, smoking, exposure to the sun, pollution, stress, and even an unbalanced diet can contribute to what’s referred to as behavioral aging. This type of aging is directly based on our own personal, unique daily habits and how we interact with our surrounding environment. The main signs of behavioral aging include a dull-looking skin tone, a sagging appearance of the skin, an uneven-looking complexion, and visibly enlarged pores.

Idealia Radiance Boosting Antioxidant Serum

There are certainly lifestyle steps you can take to stave off the signs of behavioral aging—namely eating well, sleeping more, not smoking, keeping stress to a minimum, and so on—but to help you along your way Vichy formulated Idealia Radiance Boosting Antioxidant Serum. Since there are many aspects of behavioral aging that aren’t in our control—where we live, our exposure to pollution, to name a couple—Idealia Radiance Boosting Antioxidant Serum aims to provide skin a line of defense.

The new-and-improved formula with antioxidants and licorice root extracts can help boost radiance, visibly reduce pores, and even the appearance of the complexion. The serum features a light texture making it a breeze to continue with the rest of your skin care routine after applying. The paraben-free serum has been shown to visibly improve the complexion to look more even, skin texture to be more refined, and pores to be less visible. The serum can be used over the entire face morning and/or at night, avoiding the eye area. After applying the serum you’ll want to apply a moisturizer and broad-spectrum SPF during the day and a night cream before bed.

Idealia Radiance Boosting Antioxidant Serum, $39.00 MSRP

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