Have We Reached the End of Anti-Aging?

May 22, 2018
Jennifer Hussein
By: Jennifer Hussein | skincare.com by L'Oréal
Have We Reached the End of Anti-Aging?

Not too long ago women and men alike were going to great lengths to reduce the look of signs of aging. From costly anti-aging creams to plastic surgery, people were often ready to do whatever it took to achieve younger-looking skin. But now, similarly to the recent acne positivity movement, people on and off social media have been boldly embracing their skin’s natural aging process. This all leads to the one question everyone’s wondering: is this the end of anti-aging? We tapped plastic surgeon, SkinCeuticals ambassador, and Skincare.com consultant Dr. Peter Schmid to weigh in on the movement embracing aging.

Is The End of Anti-Aging Here?

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While progress has been made with representing different ages in a positive light, Dr. Schmid believes that our society still has a heavy influence on how we see ourselves. “We live in a visual world tested daily by social media and advertising,” Dr. Schmid says. “We are constantly faced with images of youth, health, attraction and beauty that make our aesthetic decisions and perceptions of self. I see in my patients a variety of attitudes toward wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.” 

What are your thoughts on the movement embracing aging?

Dr. Schmid believes that while society’s blossoming acceptance of aging and the physical changes that come with it is a positive evolution to our beauty standards, we shouldn’t shame others for wanting to address their insecurities. “Today’s scrutiny of the word ‘anti-aging’ is a paradigm shift to redefine perceptions of beauty and embrace the aging process with open arms, appreciating beauty at all ages,” Dr. Schmid says. “Aging is a journey, a discovery and acceptance of the things we have, the things we can change and the things we cannot. If one wishes to avoid cosmetic surgery it is his or her prerogative.”

There will be people who wish to change the way they look, and there will be others who want to embrace the natural changes of their skin as they happen. The important thing is to not alienate one group versus the other. “People should never be ‘shamed’ because they have chosen to undergo a treatment or a procedure,” Dr. Schmid says.

How to Take Care Of Aging Skin

end of anti aging, anti anti-aging

Wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of skin aging are impossible to avoid. Everyone gets them as they grow older. That said, there’s a difference between aging and premature aging.

“My philosophy on the aging process and beauty is simple,” Dr. Schmid says. “Aging is inevitable, but premature (premature means early, or before aging is naturally anticipated) aging is something you can prevent.” The choice is ultimately yours, but there are plenty of patients who seek Dr. Schmid’s advice on how to keep premature signs of aging at bay. His recommendation? Find the solution that you feel comfortable with. “My recommendations are always based in the finding the right path for each individual,” he says. “No two patients regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual-orientation are alike, and I respect that. We are living longer lives now, and we are entitled to look as good as we feel at every stage in life.”

end of anti aging, anti anti-aging

Remember: Embracing signs of aging is not synonymous with abandoning a skin care routine. You should still care for your skin to look and feel your best. “My patients will often take the route of clinical skin care, microneedling, HydraFacials, and using the SkinCeuticals skin care regimens to help soften some signs of aging and boost their skin’s overall health look and radiance,” Dr. Schmid says. “The bottom line is how we feel about our appearance as we age is very personal, what concerns one person doesn’t another.” 

If you want to get started on taking care of your skin as it matures, focus on the essentials: cleansing, moisturizing, and applying (and reapplying) sunscreen daily. We’re sharing a simple skin care routine for mature skin types, here!

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