Trend Alert: Fragrance Wardrobing

February 27, 2017
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
Trend Alert: Fragrance Wardrobing

What Is Fragrance Wardrobing?

Do you wear the same shoes and accessories with every outfit? Of course not! Think of fragrance wardrobing the same way you do about curating your closet. Fragrance wardrobing allows you to
select a scent based on your mood and who you want to portray to the world that day. Instead of investing in just one perfume or scented spray that you wear day in and day out, you’ll build a collection of aromas that you can pull from to complement everything from your outfit to your personality that day.

How to Build Your Fragrance Wardrobe

One of the best ways to embrace fragrance wardrobing in your routine is by picking a portfolio of scents from a specific brand. Start with a base—yes, that go-to scent that you’d wear the same way you’d put on your favorite t-shirt and jeans—and then grow out from there. Try selecting a few scents with different profiles, something fruity for everyday and something sultry for romantic date nights.

Lancôme’s collection of Maison Lancôme Eau de Parfums makes it a breeze to create a fragrance wardrobe. As an homage of Lancôme’s founder—perfumer Arman Petitjean—the six scents are all united by the French art of blending. 

Jasmins Marzipane – When you’re in the mood to embrace your femininity reach for this fragrance. With notes of hand-picked jasmine, almond wood, bourbon vanilla extract, sandalwood, Cashmeran wood, and musk, this aroma is truly alluring and smooth. 

Ôud Bouquet – Want to give off an air of mystery? This is the fragrance for that. With notes of tree bold woods—Oud wood, Guaiac wood, and Copahu wood—captivating spices, praline rose, vanilla, and a praline accord, this scent has serious seductive power. 

Tubéreuses Castane – This balanced fragrance is perfect when you want to feel elegant and refined. With notes of tuberoses harvested at nightfall, roasted chestnut, Venezuelan tonka bean, the aroma is warm and inviting with just the perfect amount of floral.

Lavandes Trianon – When you want a calming aroma that leaves you feeling like you’re walking through French lavender fields, reach for this one. With notes of lavender and vanilla this scent is both sweet and fresh. 

Ôud Ambroisie – With notes of roses, wood, patchouli, and honey, this smooth scent is perfect when you want a deliciously floral scent that feels incredibly ethereal. 

L’Autre Ôud – For a scent that is equally strong and sweet reach for this one. The notes are complex with everything from Oud wood, cypriol, myrrh, frankincense, saffron, and rose.

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