How to Care for Dull and Dry Skin: A Step-By-Step Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin

September 07, 2016
Jessica Khorsandi
By: Jessica Khorsandi | by L'Oréal
How to Care for Dull and Dry Skin: A Step-By-Step Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin

Sad truth: It’s typically when our skin looks like it’s been repeatedly run over by a tractor that we fully appreciate the times it’s positively radiant, with a shine so bright it could nearly blind someone. Another sad truth? The potential bad skin culprits—excessive exposure to UV rays and environmental aggressors, a nonexistent skin care routine, poor lifestyle habits...the list goes on—are far and wide. If dull, dry skin has got you down, there’s no reason to fret any longer. Below, we’re sharing easy-to-implement tricks that can nurse your drab and dreary skin back to its former glory. 


The only way to rid your skin of dirt, impurities, and environmental assaults that can cause dryness and dullness is to cleanse it daily, morning and night. Pick a gentle, no frills cleanser—like micellar water—and become well acquainted with it. If you’ve got dry skin, pick a face wash that washes away grime and nourishes at the same time, like Lancôme Créme Mousse Confort.


All skin needs moisture, especially if it’s dry to begin with. Reach for a non-comedogenic moisturizer and apply it daily after cleansing—no excuses! Do the same for your body, too. If your skin is severely dry and flaky, lather on coconut oil or a heavy-duty moisturizer with a thicker consistency. The great thing about moisturizers these days is that they often do more than just hydrate skin. Some have formulas designed for anti-aging, some can help fight blemishes, some are packed with SPF, and some have ingredients that can make your skin more resilient. Pick one that targets most, if not all, of your skin concerns. 


Think you’re exempt from exfoliation just because your skin is dry? Think again. Dead skin cells that are piling up on the skin’s surface need to be buffed away to allow the light to shine through and to give products a chance to penetrate clean skin. Fact is, dull-looking skin is most often caused by a buildup of rough, dry, dead skin. You don’t want all your moisturizing efforts to be for naught, do you? Just make sure to pick an exfoliator that’s gentle enough for weekly use and formulated for dry skin.


To clarify, we’re not advising that you stop showering altogether. (Gross!) This is just a kind plea to quit cranking the temperature to hotter-than-hot degrees. When the water is too warm, it can strip your skin of natural oils it needs to maintain proper moisture levels, not to mention leave your skin feeling tight and raw. 


Aside from running the risk of clogging your pores, snoozing with your makeup still on can lead to dry, dull skin come morning. The skin undergoes self-repair at night, which can be hindered by cosmetics if it’s not removed. Always make sure to rid every last trace of makeup from your complexion before shut-eye. 


When experts say you should care for your skin from the inside out, they mean it. That includes eating a colorful diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, breaking up with bad habits—think: smoking—and staying hydrated with water. Beef up your daily water intake and avoid caffeinated beverages, which can further dehydrate you. 

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