What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Face

November 11, 2020
Jessica Khorsandi
By: Jessica Khorsandi | skincare.com by L'Oréal
What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Face

As far as skin-care commandments go, washing your face daily is right up there at the top of the list. You probably know the reasons you should be cleansing — which include removing makeup, dirt, bacteria and impurities from the surface of skin — but you might not know all the  short- and long-term side effects that can occur if you skip the essential step too often. From breakouts and large pores to fine lines and dullness, here are five things that can happen if you don’t wash your face. 


1. Your Skin Could Break Out 

When you don’t remove makeup, dirt, bacteria, excess oil and other impurities from your skin, it can build up in pores and clog them, resulting in breakouts. This is just one reason it’s important to give your skin a thorough cleanse morning and night. 

2. Signs of Aging May Become More Visible 

While we sleep, our skin undergoes self-repair. But if you haven’t cleansed before hitting the pillow, pollution can accumulate on the skin and disrupt the skin’s ability to renew itself. Because of this, extrinsic signs of skin aging like fine lines and wrinkles can form and existing ones can look more apparent.

3. Pores Might Look Enlarged

When your pores become clogged with excess oil, dead skin cells and other impurities, they can look enlarged. Keep up with a steady cleansing routine to help keep pores clear and minimized. 

4. Your Skin May Become Dehydrated

If the surface of your skin contains a buildup of dead skin cells and impurities, your moisturizer isn’t going to absorb well or penetrate deeply. This is why you should always start your routine with a cleanser and finish with a moisturizer.

5. Your Skin Tone Might Look Dull and Your Skin Texture Might Feel Rough

Other signs your skin may have build-up on its surface? A dull, lackluster complexion and a rough skin texture. Cleanse and exfoliate regularly to restore a smooth, even complexion. 


Photo: Chaunte Vaughn

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