Editor's Pick: Maybelline Dream Bronze BB

September 22, 2016
Jessie Quinn
By: Jessie Quinn | skincare.com by L'Oréal
Editor's Pick: Maybelline Dream Bronze BB

Who says your summer bronze has to get packed away with your bikinis and strappy sandals? Thanks to this Maybelline BB cream you can have your dream bronze—literally—all year long! 

As the season starts to change and your usual iced coffee order magically turns into a pumpkin spiced latte, your summer sandals get swapped out for your favorite fall booties, and the day has— finally— come where you can rock your favorite lightweight jacket without breaking a sweat, you may notice that something else has changed. Something that you were hoping would at least last until next spring— a girl can dream, right? Something that makes you want to click your heels together and go back a few months to the beginning of summer: your summer bronze is suddenly, not so bronze. Fear not! With Maybelline’s Dream Bronze BB, you can have your pumpkin latte and your summer skin, too! We share more on why you need the sun-kissed beauty balm in your fall beauty regimen, below.

Formulated to give the complexion a natural-looking faux glow, this Maybelline BB cream is the perfect way to enhance and extend your summer glow and protect your skin with added SPF 25 well into autumn. Because we all know that while the heat may be drifting away, the sun (and its skin damaging UV rays) is here to stay, so we need to ensure that we are protecting our skin no matter the season.

Another reason to love this bronzing BB cream? It has skin care benefits, too! Similar to its Dream Fresh BB predecessor, the Dream Bronze BB’s lightweight, water-gel formula can be worn with or without a moisturizer, and can hydrate the complexion. In addition, it can illuminate and warm the complexion— to give you that summer glow— even out the appearance of your skin tone, smooth the look of surface skin, and is non-comedogenic, so those with acne-prone skin need not worry about this product clogging pores. .  

Flawless looking skin with a kiss of sun? We’ll take it

Maybelline Dream Bronze BB, $8.99

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