Anti-Aging for the Modern Man…Made Easy!

November 30, 2016
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
Anti-Aging for the Modern Man…Made Easy!

In 1965 one of the first men’s grooming brands launched a single, innovative product: Super Shape—a men’s skin conditioner that was formulated to help protect a man's skin from the sun and the sea. As years passed, the brand grew from one product to a collection that is a namesake in the men’s grooming world: Baxter of California. Now, over 50 years later that original hero product is getting a modern-day makeover. Super Shape version 2.0 is here and it’s helping to make anti-aging skin care for men easier than ever before.

Anti-Aging Skin Care for Men

Think us ladies are the only ones that worry about the signs of aging skin? Think again. Anti-aging skin care for men is just as important and with Super Shape, men have a product that is formulated specifically for them and their specific skin type and skin concerns. Fact is, men’s skin is thicker than a women’s, meaning that the same products that we rely on to look our best may not be as effective for our male counterparts. This is why it’s key for men to reach for products that have been created with them in mind. One anti-aging must have for men according to the American Academy of Dermatology? Moisturizer. Since moisturizer helps to trap water on the skin, it can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even make your skin look younger. Lack of moisture, on the flip-side, is a quick way to make those fine lines appear a little bit more noticeable and to age yourself beyond your years. The original 1965-era Super Shape was designed to counteract just that. It was formulated to help men supplement natural oils that shaving, the environment, and the ticking hands of time can diminish. The formula helped to hydrate and relieve dry skin that can cause fine lines and wrinkles to become more prominent.

Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream

The new-and-improved Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream has been re-formulated to address the needs of today’s man, still focusing on hydration but also on helping to target the signs of skin aging before they appear. The formula—infused with plant extracts, caffeine, and soy protein—now helps to recharge the appearance of tired-looking skin, reduce the visible appearance of fine lines, improve the look of skin tone, and hydrate the skin. 

Super Shape can be used as a moisturizer after cleansing both day and night—just be sure to follow up with a broad-spectrum SPF during the daytime. The unique gel-cream texture is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy or oily-feeling residue on skin. Apply the paraben- and fragrance-free cream liberally to the face and neck area when it’s still just a bit damp after washing or shaving.

Whether you’re a man looking for an anti-aging cream to incorporate into your grooming regimen or you’re a women looking to help your guy look a little bit younger, it may be time to give Super Shape a try!

Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream, $36

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