The Best Blotting Papers: An Instant Fix for Oily Skin

May 03, 2016
By: Jackie Burns Brisman | by L'Oréal
The Best Blotting Papers: An Instant Fix for Oily Skin

If your skin type is oily or combination, chances are by midday you’re sporting a very unintentional—and very unwelcome—shine. Our skin produces excess oil for a number of reasons—hormonal fluctuations and seasonal transitions among them—but thankfully there’s an instant fix for excess oil: blotting papers. While these shine-eliminating sheets won’t get rid of your oily skin entirely, they do offer a temporary solution for greasy situations. Whenever you see—or feel—that slick-looking shine, you can grab a sheet and tap it gently across your T-zone, where skin gets especially oily. Not only do blotting papers help to reduce excess oil on the skin’s surface, they can also help to set your makeup, helping your look appear fresher, longer! For us, when it comes to blotting papers, we always turn to NYX Professional Makeup. The brand features three unique sheets to help you say goodbye to the shine, fast.

NYX Professional Makeup Green Tea Blotting Papers

Tea time takes on a whole new meaning each afternoon thanks to these green tea extract-infused blotting papers. The papers absorb shine fast and leave your skin with a fresh, matte finish.

NYX Professional Makeup Fresh Face Blotting Papers

If breakouts and blemishes pop up on your complexion now and again, the Fresh Face blotting papers are for you. The sheets not only remove excess shine, but the fortified pulp paper is infused with salicylic acid—a known acne-fighting ingredient—to help blot away any pore-clogging, breakout-causing gunk that’s lurking on the skin’s surface.

NYX Professional Makeup Tea Tree Blotting Papers

Have excess oil? “Tea treat it” with these tea tree blotting papers. They help to remove excess shine on oily areas of your face while leaving your makeup intact. A total win-win!

NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Papers, $6.00 for 100 sheets

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