How to Calm Skin: 4 Ways to Chill Out

April 11, 2016 by L'Oréal
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How to Calm Skin: 4 Ways to Chill Out

From redness to dryness to itchiness, sensitive skin can be uncomfortable. Luckily, there are many products, tips, and tricks that can possibly help alleviate some of the burden. Below, we share four of the most effective ways to calm skin: 

Stay away from known irritants.

If you have chronically sensitive skin, you may want to opt for gentle, fragrance-free products whenever possible. You may also consider isolating products that you suspect may be irritating the skin by testing them on a small patch, then tossing out if any lead to redness or swelling.

Step out of the sun.

The sun can exacerbate skin irritation, so those with sensitive skin should consider seeking shade and layering on sunscreen—especially when the skin is already irritated. 

Lather on moisturizer.

Lotion can be a true savior for irritated skin, which is often caused by dryness and aggravated by stress, sun exposure, or even wind. A soothing moisturizer may help to hydrate your skin. Plus, it will keep the surface looking and feeling smooth.

Try a home remedy.

If you’re worried the cleansers in your cabinet may be a bit too harsh, there are lots of simple and easy kitchen treatments to that may accomplish the same thing. Try placing chamomile tea bags or cucumber slices on the afflicted area for a possible soothing, cooling effect.

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