Expert Tips for Dealing with Bags Under Your Eyes

May 27, 2016
Jessie Quinn
By: Jessie Quinn | by L'Oréal
Expert Tips for Dealing with Bags Under Your Eyes

Whether you had a good crying session the night before a big meeting or haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in days, we can all probably relate to the horror of waking up with bags under our eyes. The good news is that expert—and celebrity facialist—Mzia Shiman has some insight into what causes them and how we can better deal. So, the next time we find ourselves faced with puffy looking eyes, we’ll know just what to do.

What causes under-eye bags?

According to Shiman, bags under your eyes can be caused by a number of factors both in and out of your control. “Everything from lack of sleep, poor diet, declining health, older age, and genetic predisposition can cause bags,” she explains.

How can you unload your baggage?

While there’s not much we can do about genetics or those always-ticking hands of time, there is a silver lining when it comes to de-puffing the appearance of those under eye bags. “It is certainly possible to reduce the appearance of swollen or puffy eyes,” Shiman says. “Using eye cream helps moisturize and firm the appearance of your skin. In the morning and evening, after cleansing, apply your eye cream to the eye contour area using light strokes.” 

When it comes to creams created for this very issue, Shiman turns to Decleor. “Decleor’s eye contour creams are formulated to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.  Infused with ingredients like sweet clover, rose, and cornflower floral waters,” she says. Want to help firm, smooth and hydrate the eye contour area? Shiman recommends reaching for Decleor eye creams infused with aurone extract and bioactive plant patch.

Need to de-puff in a pinch? Check the fridge!

Applying a chilled slice of cucumber to your eyes for a few minutes can help reduce the appearance of puffiness,” Shiman shares. “This at-home trick helps hydrate the eye area and give your eyes a brighter, more refreshed appearance.” Why not even multi-task while you enjoy a cucumber eye mask? Use this time to apply a face mask and then kick back and relax—spa-style.

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