Get The Most Out of Your Makeup Blender with These 6 Hacks

July 26, 2018
Brooke Jensen
By: Brooke Jensen | by L'Oréal
Get The Most Out of Your Makeup Blender with These 6 Hacks

Hack #1: Mix Foundation & Primer

It’s no secret that makeup sponges work well when damp. In fact, that’s how most brands will recommend them to be used! The reason being that a damp makeup sponge is less rough on the skin, and is less likely to absorb foundation, concealer, etc. that can go to waste. But if you’d like your makeup sponge to soak up even less product, here’s a nifty hack: apply your makeup primer directly to the blender. The primer will blend with your foundation during the application process. Less makeup absorbed and easier makeup application? We see that as a double win.

Hack #2: Create Ombré Nail Art

If you find yourself with a makeup sponge that is close to the end of its lifespan, you may have one last use for it. Use an old makeup sponge to create a professional style manicure without the splurge. All you have to do? Apply different shades of your favorite nail polish onto the blender, then quickly dab the colors onto your nails for a gorgeous cascade of colors.

Pro tip: It can be easier to apply if you cut a portion of your makeup blender out, so the sponge is in a square shape.

Hack #3: Apply Your Skin Care Products

Makeup sponges can be used for more than just makeup and foundation application. They also are a great way to easily apply serums or liquid-based skin care products to your skin. Instead of applying serum with your hands, you can opt to use a beauty blending sponge. Need a serum rec? Check out our reviews of the best facial serums here!


Hack #4: Hydrate Dry Patches

We’ve all been there: Your foundation looks flawless save for the pesky dry patch on your forehead. Luckily, there’s a solution for those flakes, and all you need is your makeup sponge and favorite hydrating serum. Simply dip the tip of your makeup blender into the serum or oil, lightly press it onto the flaky patch of your skin and voila!

Hack #5: Apply Self-Tanner Easily (and Without a Mess!)

The process of getting an even self-tan can be a struggle, especially when you have to rely on your fingers. But have no fear, your makeup sponge can be of use here. Simply apply the self-tanning formula all over your body with your makeup sponge the same way you would with foundation on your face. You’ll be able to evenly apply the self-tanner without the mess of using your hands. Now it just comes down to which self-tanner you choose to get your skin golden. Don't sweat it! We compiled the ultimate guide to self-tanners right here!

Hack #6: Take Advantage of the Shape

Makeup sponges boast distinct shapes for a reason, and you should be using every nook and cranny of yours! Most typically have a pointed top, rounded sides and a flatter bottom. The rounded sides should be used for applying foundation all over your face. The pointed tip is excellent for concealing harder-to-reach areas such as under your eyes. The flat bottom can help out with contouring your face and bronzing up your skin.

Looking to start using these hacks ASAP? Check out our reviews of the L’Oreal Paris makeup blending sponges here!

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