What Is Eyebrow Microblading? We Share the 411 on Semi-Permanent Brows

October 15, 2017
Jessie Quinn
By: Jessie Quinn | skincare.com by L'Oréal
What Is Eyebrow Microblading? We Share the 411 on Semi-Permanent Brows

Hearing the word “blade” when it comes to a beauty routine may cause a few eyebrows to rise. (“Scissor” or even “razor” is more appropriate.) Isn’t it painful? And along with the pain, wouldn’t it actually do more harm than good? Would you believe us if we told you that, although it sounds intimidating, there’s actually quite a lot of benefits to “blades” and beauty. Specifically, we’re talking about “microblading.”

Microblading is exactly what it sounds like. Not related to dermaplaning—the procedure in which a scalpel is drawn across your skin for hair removal and exfoliation—microblading is, in fact, the complete opposite of dermaplaning. Where dermaplaning involves ridding your face of unwanted peach fuzz, eyebrow microblading involves injecting ink into your skin to shade in any hair sparseness or thinness. However, it’s something that should 100 percent be performed by a professional (and not at home). Also, the procedure is semi-permanent, and depending on your skin type you may want to do your research (or consult a professional) prior to scheduling an appointment.

To help you decide and to give you the full 411 on microblading, our friends at Hair.com tapped into board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Dendy Engelman, to explain what the procedure is, why you would want to get it, and how it could benefit you overall. To read all about eyebrow microblading, click here!  


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