POPbeauty Creative Director Sara Strand Shares Why Skin-Care Should Be Fun and Affordable

October 28, 2020
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | skincare.com by L'Oréal
POPbeauty Creative Director Sara Strand Shares Why Skin-Care Should Be Fun and Affordable

POPbeauty is a brand that believes beauty should be fun, affordable and effective. It originally started out as a makeup line and recently branched out into skin care. The brand offers products that are less than $15, come in bright, vibrant packaging and have cute, quippy names such as the Lit AF Essence and Extra Lit-B Shot. We chatted with Sara Strand, the creative director, to learn more about how POPbeauty is trying to make skin care uncomplicated, fun and accessible to all. 

Tell us about your background and how you got started at POPbeauty. 

I started out as a singer and makeup artist. During the day, I worked globally with many of the big fashion magazines and behind the scenes at many fashion shows while also still performing music at night. My mission as makeup artist was always to help people stand out and to be themselves unapologetically. When we first launched POPbeauty in 2002, we really wanted to bridge a gap in the market, creating fearless and fun products that also delivered finger-on-the-pulse formulations and unapologetic pro pigments. 


Can you explain your role at POPbeauty and the inspiration behind the brand?

As creative director, I aim to set the tone and the voice of the brand, and I stay very much involved in product development, marketing and social media. We originally drew inspiration from London’s edgy pop-culture scene in fashion, art and music. 

Why did the brand decide to branch out into skin care? 

POP is on a mission to revitalize your face, your beauty routine and your day, so we wanted to create skin-care solutions that were playful but effectively did what they say they do. We wanted to assist in taking the guesswork out of the beauty by helping you uncomplicate skin care with clean and potent formulas.

Can you tell us about the products, packaging and ingredients used in the skin-care line?

All products are packed with high-quality ingredients like niacinamide, cica, yuzu, calamansi lime, vegan squalane and much more. We wanted to offer a range of products from skin-shot serums to masks and hydrators. Most importantly, we want skin care to be fun, non-intimidating and affordable. We’re also 100% vegan, cruelty-free and all of our packaging is recyclable and sourced from certified sustainably managed forests.

What’s your daily skin-care routine? 

It completely depends on the day and my current skin mood. I am all for feeling your skin’s vibe and then adjusting your routine around it — I like to mix it up. Some days you need extra moisture, some days your skin seems a little dull and might need a brightening boost, other days your skin is acting up and needs a little balancing. I do what feels best that day. 

What’s your favorite product from the POPbeauty skin collection? 

This is always a tough question because I love everything, but it just depends on the day. Today, I am loving the Lit AF Essence, which is the product I would bring to a deserted island. It hydrates, energizes and brightens the skin with so many ingredients like yuzu, vegan squalane, niacinamide, ginseng and much more. Also, it smells beyond delicious. If I could, I would bathe in it.

Whenever my complexion looks a bit dull and needs an extra boost, I reach for Extra Lit-B Shot. It’s a gentle exfoliating serum that’s rich in antioxidants. I like to use it as a night serum and let it work while I sleep so that I wake up to a clearer and brighter complexion.

Beauty is… 

Making it pop, confidence, individuality, being true to yourself, humor, fearlessness and self-love.


Photo: Courtesy of POPbeauty Skin, Design: Hannah Packer


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